Tips And Home Remedies for High Blood Pressure


High Blood Pressure, also known as hypertension is a very serious condition because if proper medication and medical assistance is not provided in the given time frame it can lead to a heart attack and sometimes even death. High Blood Pressure is the condition when the veins carrying blood get constricted due to accumulation of fats/cholesterol due to which the quantity of blood passing thru them is reduced and more pressure is to be exerted by the heart to pump the blood into the body thru these constricted veins and arteries. When the heart pumps out blood the pressure is measured in mm of Hg and should be 140 mm of Hg [upper reading] and similarly in the rest position the reading should be 90mm of Hg [lower reading] when these readings are always on 140/90 level or higher it means that the person is hypertensive; the reasons may vary from a sedentary life style, obesity, irregular eating habits, serious illness, infectious diseases, smoking and drug abuse.

* One more reason for hypertension is the thickening of the blood, slowing down the flow of the blood and thereby exerting pressure on the veins and arteries. Garlic contains very effective antioxidants like selenium-c and Alicine which are very helpful in thinning the blood. It is because of these properties hypertension patients are advised to have at least 2-3 garlic cloves. If someone is unable to eat raw garlic, he /she can cut the garlic into tiny pieces and gulp it down with water , early morning.

* Salt is one of the main reasons for increasing blood pressure; hypertensive patients should try and reduce their salt intake.

* Consuming one teaspoon of gooseberry juice and one teaspoon of honey in the morning helps in reducing the blood pressure.

* Papaya is also very beneficial for hypertensive patients. It should be chewed well, and eaten preferably on an empty stomach.

* Take equal amounts of Water melon seeds and Poppy seeds [khuskhus] and grind them well and have it in the morning on an empty stomach with plain water; helps in controlling blood pressure.

* Having a glassful of carrot and spinach juice mixed together, twice a day, helps in reducing high blood pressure.

* To control high Blood Pressure in an emergency situation �squeeze half a lemon, in half a glass of water and have it in intervals of 2-2- hours.

* You may also have half a spoonful of black pepper powder mixed in half a glass of water in intervals of 2-2 hours; it will bring down the B.P. rapidly.

* Bitter Gourd and the pods of the drum stick tree grounded to a powder form and taken with water is also very beneficial.

* Take 5 Tulsi leaves and 2 Neem leaves; grind them well and mix the paste in 20 gms of water; drink this concoction everyday in the morning for effective control of B.P.

* Patients should suck on a piece of Ginger sprinkled with black pepper, twice a day.

* Having red chillies helps in widening the veins and arteries, thereby reducing the pressure on the heart to pump blood; subsequently reducing the blood pressure.

* Without separating the chaff from the flour mix it with gram flour and eat chapattis made from this mixture of flour; it will help in reducing the blood pressure.

* Having fenugreek seeds [Methi] with water in the morning, for a month regularly helps in reducing blood pressure.

* Walking barefoot on moist grass early in the morning for 10-15 minutes daily helps in reducing blood pressure.

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