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The current life style and the hectic pace of daily routine have increased the number of diabetics. Having irregular diet patterns are also responsible for the increase in diabetics all over the world. Diabetics suffer from constant headaches, fatigue or some other kind of ailment, most of the time. Diabetics have more than normal sugar levels in their blood / urine; In allopathic medication there is no permanent solution or cure for Diabetes; but Ayurvedic medication claims that thru proper life style and eating habits, Diabetes can be controlled completely, although not cured.

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Causes of Diabetes, Diabetes causes :-

Whatever we eat the digestive system of the body converts it into glucose and releases the same in the blood stream to be carried to various parts and organs with the help of hormones – the hormone responsible for conversion of sugar to energy and reach it to various [arts is Insulin which is secreted by the pancreas. When the capacity of the body fails to develop/manufacture Insulin the sugar is not able to reach the cells and its level increases in the blood. This malfunction of the pancreas, not able to create Insulin is called Diabetes.

Types of Diabetes, Diabetes type:-

Diabetes is mainly of two types:-

* Type 1 Diabetes :- In this type of Diabetes ,the beta cells of the pancreas are totally destroyed and as such no Insulin can be produced by the body ; this happens due to any extreme viral infection/ illness during childhood. type 1 Diabetes is generally found in people in the age group of 2years to 25 years; although in India, type 1 diabetics are a very small percentage, approximately 1%-2% of the total population. Eurasia, Sweden, Finland and other Scandinavian countries the percentage is more; people are administered insulin mandatorily.

* Type 2 Diabetes :- In India approximately 98% of diabetics are kind of the type 2 diabetes. In type of diabetes, the pancreatic sells do produce insulin but the quantity I less than what is required; this is because of wrong eating habits and a sedentary life style.
For this type of diabetes allopathic drugs are available in the market, to be taken as prescribed by the physician, which control diabetes but cannot cure it completely; as such the patient has to take these medicines lifelong .If Type 2 Diabetes uncontrolled by medicines the patient has to inject insulin .


1] Frequent passing of urine.

2] Feeling thirsty quite frequently.

3] Even after having adequate water, thirst is not quenched.

4] Feeling of hunger all the time, even after having a sumptuous meal.

5] Feeling of nausea and sometimes vomiting also.

6] Cramps in the arms and legs accompanied with vibrating sensation.

7] Fatigue and weakness.

8] Disturbed /blurred vision.

9] Skin /Urinary Tract Infection.

10] Dry and lifeless skin.

11] Irritability.

12] Headaches.

13] Low body temperature.

14] Muscle cramps.

15] Weight loss.

If we take some precautions and improve our life style and eating habits, there are very bright chances that we can avoid falling prey to this disease. We are giving here some tips to prevent /control diabetes.

* Tulsi [basil] leaves have oxidants which are conducive to the production of anti-oxidants. One should eat at least 4-5 Tulsi leaves everyday or a teaspoon of Tulsi juice should be consumed daily.

* Mix 10 mg of gooseberry juice with 2 gms of turmeric powder; have this mix at least twice a day ; this keeps the blood sugar level under control.

* Blackberries are considered very beneficial for diabetics. Patients should have a lot blackberries with black salt to keep their blood sugar levels under check.

* Include cinnamon [1gm] in your daily diet; it not only reduces the blood sugar level but also helps in reducing excess weight. Continue this for at least a month.

* Bitter gourd is also used as a medicine in the treatment of diabetes .Its bitter juice keeps the sugar levels in control. Regular consumption of its juice and having water in which bitter gourd has been boiled ,helps greatly in reducing blood sugar levels.

* Fenugreek is also considered very effective in controlling blood sugar levels. Two teaspoons of fenugreek seeds with warm water on an empty stomach in the morning helps reduce blood sugar levels.

* Cut lady-fingers in to small pieces and store them in a glass or china jar overnight – soaked in water; drink this water after straining the lady-finger pieces and you shall see a fall in the blood sugar levels after continuous consumption.

* Green Tea is also considered very effective and beneficial for diabetics. Green Tea contains Polyphenols .a very strong anti-oxidant and also hypoglysae/ porcelain contents are abundant which helps the body to utilize the insulin produced more effectively and systematically.

* Drumstick leaves have four times the calcium as compared to milk and twice the amount of [proteins ;including it in your diet not only helps reduce blood sugar levels but also keeps your blood pressure under control ;regular consumption strengthens the digestive system also.

* Mix together the juices of one tomato, one cucumber and one bitter gourd and have it on an empty stomach every day in the morning; it is highly effective and recommended for diabetics.

* Wheat grass has a many medicinal properties and is very effective against many diseases; having the juice of young wheat grass helps in controlling blood sugar levels.

* Diabetics are recommended to have light meals and if they still feel hungry they should satiate their hunger with cucumber splashed with lemon juice and black salt.

* Turnips also help diabetic patients – it helps in reducing the blood sugar levels. Diabetics should also include ‘taroi’, gourd , ‘parwal’ , spinach , papaya ,etc in their daily meals.

* Take 6 leaves of the wood apple tree , 6 leaves of the Neem tree ,6 leaves of Tulsi ,6 leaves of the brinjal plant ,6 black pepper corns , grind them together and have it with water on an empty stomach in the morning ; do not have anything for at least half an hour after drinking this potion. Regular consumption helps in reducing sugar levels.

* According to a research carried out in Australia, ginger is also very effective in controlling the blood sugar level. One should have a teaspoonful of ginger juice early in the morning on an empty stomach.

* Diabetics should have chapattis of soya flour mixed with regular wheat flour, as soya contains very less amounts of starch and carbohydrates.

* Diabetics should include Aloe Vera juice in their regular diet, without fail; aloevera juice contains a variety of vitamins, minerals, essential elements which help in regulating the blood sugar level in the body.

* Linseed should be a part of the meal of any diabetic patient; it can be ground to a powder and mixed with regular wheat flour for consumption.

* Diabetics should also include a guava in their diet; it should be sliced into thin slices and sprinkled with black salt and black pepper powder; it is quite beneficial for diabetics.

* Diabetics should sleep in the south – north direction i.e the head should be on the southern side and also they should keep a 100gms block/piece of alum in the bedroom; this helps in controlling diabetes.

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