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Know Your Personality By Birthday

Each day of the week has its own importance and an individualistic effect .Much can be known about a person’s personality, if his day of birth is known. The specific day of the week testifies the person’s personality, his behavior and his future. We are sharing below certain knowledgeable facts on this topic.

1. Monday: Monday is a day dedicated to the Moon. Individuals born on this day are short-statured with big eyes. They are very jovial by nature and their speech is also very sweet. They are very adaptable to the changing situation and blend well under most circumstances. They are intelligent, knowledgeable of fine arts and courageous. They are prone to Respiratory Infections and ailments like cough and cold. They boldly face adverse situations. Usually they spend their lives in the lap of comfort and luxury.
2. Tuesday : Tuesdays are dedicated to Lord Hanuman. Individuals born on this day are wheatish /dark complexioned and are very courageous. Individuals born o Tuesdays are very hot-tempered and aggressive by nature. Although of a fair and clean heart, their tolerance levels to any remark or practical joke is very low. Due to their fiery nature they do not get along well with many people. They achieve professional success very early in life and as such are never short on money. They are always ready to help others. They are prone to ailments related to skin and blood due to which, time and again they are put to trouble.
3. Wednesday: Wednesdays are dedicated to Lord Ganesh / Ganpati. Individuals born on this day are usually short-statured, medium or dark complexioned; they are very sweet and talkative by nature. They staunchly support religious activities and are very work-oriented. With the blessings of Lord Ganesha, they have a sweet tongue and are very intelligent. With their conversational skills and perfect behavior they easily befriend people and make a place for themselves in a party or any gathering. They are dedicated to their friends, relatives and family members and have deep affection for them. Their 8th year and 22nd year of age is not very auspicious and they are prone to face problems in their lives on attaining these two mile stones.
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