Mole Interpretation/Effects

Friends ,since the time of our birth and during our life-time our skin is inflicted with black/brown circular spots , which are commonly known as moles.the scriptures grant importanc eto tehse spots and also adjudge them as indicators of our future ,our character and qualities ,both good and bad. Moles are considered as pointers to our physical ,economical and specific characterisation nd do tell a lot about the person. We are giving below a few examples of the significance of moles on various body parts and their specific location.

Mole Interpretation/Effects

On the forehead :-
Be healthy and strong.

On the right side of the forehead :-
Perpetual growth in financial status and wealth.

On the left side of the forehead :-
There could be a majority of unfavourable situations and circumstances in one's lifetime.

On the chin -
A unfavourable relationship with wife /spouse, full of malice and lack of love and affection.

On both arms [upper limbs] -
Lots of travel.

On the right eye -
Extra marital affair ; having strong and successful love relationships.

On the left eye -
Misunderstandings and malice with wife/spouse. Worries and anxiety and stress will be constant companions.

On the right cheek -
Wealthy but proud and haughty.

On the left cheek -
Heavy expenses / expenses will be ever-increasing.

On the lips -
Subject to lust and sexuality. Very strong libido.

Below the lips -
Abject poverty and penuiry.

In front of the left ear -
Msterious personality ; late marriage.

Behind the left ear -
Inclination and involvement towards unacceptable activities.

In front of right ear -
Amass wealth at a very young age. Having a beautiful life partner.

Behind the right ear -
Ear problem / disease foretold.

On the neck -
Luxurious life style is predicted.

On the throat -
Having a melodious voice and inclination towards music.

Any other place on the neck [near the throat] -
Interest in music but will have some throat related issue

On the sides of the neck / behind the neck -
Spinal problems.

On the right arm -
Access to fame and fortune and respect.

On the left arm -
Of a very quarrelsome nature.

On the nose -
A lot of travel in the lifetime.

Below the nose [in the region of moustaches] -
Focussed and target oriented. Attractive to the opposite sex.

On the right side of the chest -
Lustful and inclined to sleep overtime. on any pretext.

On the right breast -
Beautiful life partner – wealth and fortune will be companions.

On the left side of the chest -
Strong libido ; should control his /her urges or can face trouble. And defame.

On the left breast -
Prone to cardiac problems.late marriage. Malice and disagreement with spouse.

In the centre of the chest -
Strong libido – should control his/her urges or can face trouble and defame[a mole on either breast has the same consequences].

On the stomach -
A peacful and happy life.

In the centre of the stomach -
Fond of rich,tasty and well cooked food.

On the back -
Scared /afraid/ a coward.

On the waist -
Travels foretold.

On the sexual organ of man -
Will be surrounded by troubles and misfortunes in the lifetime.

On the left side of a womans sexual organ -
Strong libido – will have relations with more than one woman. A possibility of having sexually transmitted diseases.

A womens sexual organ -
Strong sexual desires.. Indulging in sexual activities with the opposite sex from a very young age. Diseases related to nerves. such women generally give birth to female-child.

On the right palm -
Strong urges and desires of sexual nature ….prone to veneral diseases / std…….such women generally give birth to male-

On the left palm -
Strong physic.

On the back of the right hand -
A big spender but most of it being squandered.

On the back of the left hand -

On the right foot -

On the left foot -

On the knees -
Heavy expenses.

On the wrist -
Joint pains and bone related disease.

On the right arm-pit -
Bereft of fame and appreciation. Also will have strained relations with the son.

Left arm pit -
Ammases a lot of wealth in his life time but most of it is spent in medical expenses and nefarious activities.

On the right arm-pit -
Wealthy but a miser.

On the left hip -
Problems related to piles and rectal canal fissures.

On the right hip -
Will progress in his business and workplace.

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