According to the Hindu scriptures Navratras are celebrated from the 1st day of the brighter fortnight of the CHAITRA month up to the ninth day of the same month. This year Navratras shall be celebrated from the 8th of April to the 15th of April. These nine days are considered very auspicious to worship and pray to the Mother Goddess and ask for her benevolence as well as attain special powers and sanctified intelligence. It is also a period to ask for fulfillment of desires and wishes.

As believed in the Hindu religion, any devotee who performs these specific, special rituals as per his / her zodiac sign, fortune shall smile on him and his desires shall be fulfilled. Pandit Krishna Kumar Shastri.

Remedies according to Zodiac Sign.

Kalash One Image * Aries :- Individuals should offer special prayers to Goddess Skandmata; she is a very compassionate goddess and has adores her devotees as her children. Reciting the Durga Saptshati or the Durga Chalisa , shall benefit Arians specially.

Kalash One Image * Taurus :- They should offer prayers to the Mahagauri form of the Mother Goddess; they should recite the Lalita Sahastranaam ; this shall give peace of mind and unmarried girls shall beget a suitable husband.

Kalash One Image * Gemini :- They should worship the Bramhacharini form of the Mother Goddess and also recite the Tara Kavach . Mother Bramhacharini bestows knowledge and removes obstacles in the path to learning; Gemini s can look for faster granting of their wishes.

Kalash One Image * Cancer :- should worship the Shailputri form of the goddess. They should recite the Lakshmi Sahastranaam ; the image of the goddess in the Varad pose bestows immense confidence in her devotees and they are blessed with fearlessness.

Kalash One Image * Leo :- they should worship the Kushmanda form of the goddess. They should recite any sanctified mantra of the goddess at least 505 times or 5 rosary of 101 beads. They shall attain all round success.

Kalash One Image * Virgo :- They should worship Mother Bramhacharini form of the goddess and recite the Lakshmi mantra with full dedication and rites. The devotees are bestowed with knowledge and all obstacles in attaining knowledge are defeated; it is very special for students.

Kalash One Image * Libra :- By worshipping Goddess Mahagauri , they are highly blessed and attain special rewards. They should recite the Kaali Chalisa or the first chapter of the Saptshati, which is for the benefit of all mankind. Unmarried women shall beget a suitable husband.

Kalash One Image * Scorpio :- They should worship the Skandmata form of the goddess; during the entire period of the Navratras, they should recite the Durga Saptshati for maximum benefits.

Kalash One Image * Sagittarius :- They should worship the Chandraghanta form of the goddess; the Bell [Ghanta] is the instruments whose sound and vibrations dispel all fears and destroys all obstacles. They should recite any two mantras of the goddess, each at least two rosaries [202 times].

Kalash One Image * Capricorn :- They should worship the Kaalraatri form of the goddess and recite the Narvaan mantra; devotees are blessed with abundance and are never short on any wishes.

Kalash One Image * Aquarius :- worshipping the Kaalraatri form is most beneficial and advisable; Recite the Devi Kavach daily; they shall be guided thru the darkness of the world and all doubts shall be dispelled.

Kalash One Image * Pisces :- they should worship the Chandraghanta form of the goddess; they should recite the Bagulamukhi mantra using a turmeric rosary. Ghanta [bell] is that instrument whose sound and vibrations dispels all fears and obstacles by its vibrations.

By following the above rituals and remedies the devotees are blessed with everlasting happiness and joy and are also blessed with health, wealth and prosperity.

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