Remedies For Destroy Enemies


It happens sometimes that a person unwittingly / unwillingly creates a rift and develops enmity with a person and that person starts creating hurdles and obstacles in his enemies life; Despite all efforts to get rid of the enemy fail and instead of decreasing, the animosity grows. He starts living in fear and feels unsecure all the time, leading to physical and mental health issues .It also drains his resources and even complaints against the person fail to yield any results. Certain remedies are given on this site that should be carried out secretly and silently to come out of such problems. The enemy slowly backs down and his attitude also takes a turn for friendship. These remedies also create fearlessness and enhance the confidence level of the person; he also meets certain powerful people, who help him out of his troubles .They gives a patient hearing and also suggests ways to cope up / come out of the situation. This site helps you find such remedies, so, read on.

If any such person is troubling you, take a ‘bhoj patra’ [parchment paper],and write the enemies name with red sandal wood paste and keep it dipped in honey, in a container ; efforts of the enemy shall be diluted and he will not be able to do much harm. If you are being troubled by any one for no reason another remedy is that while in the toilet write the name of the enemy with the water of the toilet tap ; after completing your chore ,kick the spot with your left foot , where you had written the name of the enemy. Please remember that these remedies should never be done out of ill-will or the results may back fire; they might inflict harm than good.

To pacify your enemy ,take 38 grains [uncooked] of Black ‘Urad Daal’[lentils]and 40 grains of rice [uncooked] ; mix them well and then bury them deep in the ground and squeeze a lemon on top of the mound; while squeezing ,chant the name of the enemy continuously; this remedy ensures that no matter how powerful the enemy is ,he shall fail in all his negative efforts directed towards you.

If you are being troubled, without any reason by any one, take shelter in Lord Hanuman’s grace. Everyday worship Lord Hanuman and offer jaggery in his grace [Bhog/Prasad];recite the ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ ,the ‘Bajrang Baan’and offer red rose flowers ;pray to him to intervene and destroy the enemy. Keep a small ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ booklet in your breast pocket ;his grace will keep you safe from all obstacles and hardships, increase your confidence and gradually you shall become fearless; you shall have the company of strong and powerful friends and the enemy is defeated and rendered helpless.

If the enemy is troubling you a lot, then write the name of the enemy on a peacock feather with the vermillion paste taken from Lord Hanuman’s forehead –either on a Tuesday or Saturday - keep this feather in the house for the night and the next day early, without taking a bath or anything, throw the peacock feather in flowing water. The enemy shall be subdued.

On a Saturday night take 7 cloves and take the name of the enemy 21 times ;the next day morning ,Sunday , burn them ; perform this exercise 7 times ;the person troubling you, shall be under your control completely and if he happens to an enemy, he shall be subdued. But always remember that all these remedies should never be done with bad intentions or thoughts and never for revengeful or for the persons downfall / harm.

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