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Remedies For Heart Disease


In India alone millions die every year due to cardiac related disease / complications. It is caused by stress ,tension ,irregular and wrong eating habits, high blood pressure, obesity and many other reasons ;it is very important that you consult a doctor if you feel any complication or symptom of cardiac issues and if a little attention is paid in the safe time zone ,we can definitely save ourselves and others from any fatality. Using mustard oil and mustard seeds in the should be included in the diet; keeping a healthy ratio of fatty acids and omega fats, we can reduce the risk of a cardiac complication by 70 %.

* Having a slice of raw garlic early in the morning on an empty stomach keeps the blood circulation in order and strengthens the heart. It also helps in reducing the cholesterol levels.

* Apple juice and Gooseberry marmalade is very beneficial for heart patients.

* A spoonful of honey is also very beneficial for heart patients.

* Having 50 Gms of long beans /soya beans is very helpful in reducing cholesterol and cardiac complication.

* Long gourd is a very healthy vegetable and is strictly recommended for heart patients; boil some gourd and add coriander, cumin seeds, turmeric and cook it for a short while on a low flame and minimum of oil; have it 2-3 times in a week; shall benefit the heart.

* Add some sugar candy [mishri]in pomegranate juice and have it regularly ; very helpful and beneficial for the heart.

* Almonds too are very good for the heart.

* Bark of the ‘Arjuna’ tree and onion mixed and grinded together in equal quantities and having half a spoonful with milk everyday helps the heart stay strong.

* Use linseed oil as the cooking medium in your house.

* Cardamoms and ‘pipramu’ powdered and mixed together strengthens the heart.

* Mixing carrot juice with honey is also very beneficial for the heart.

* Mix Linseed leaves and dry coriander and cook in water making it a concentrated mix; helps in strengthening the heart.

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