Tips/ Remedies For Success in Court Cases

Mukadma Vijay Yantra

Mukadma Vijay Yantra

Here below we are giving some tips if performed with devotion will definitely benefit you:
Note : These Proven Yantra have been established for the welfare of all beings; If you have any doubt in your mind, Or you do not believe in these devices, than you close this page, But do not ridicule and disrespect these Blest Yantra.

1) When you are going to court first go to any Hanuman temple, light dhup and agarbatti (incense stick). Offer laddu or gud chana and read Hanuman chalisa Bajrang baan and pray to Sankat mochan Bajrang bali for success in your case….. you will definitely get success.

2) Always wear dark coloured clothes while going to court.

3) Gift any useful thing like pen to your lawyer.

4) Put your court case files in the temple built in your houseand pray to God for success and protection.

5) If you devote eleven Haqiq stones in temple and pray to get victory in any particular work definitely you will get victory in that work.

6) If you are entrapped in a problem and getting no path way out , trapped in court cases, facing lot many struggles in your life , often feel disrespectful then bear saatmukhi, panchhmukhhi and gyarahmukhi rudraksh.

7) For victory in court cases put five gomti chhakra in your pocket, put your foot in court first according to the swar which is playing and if unable to understand swar then put right foot first., probability of getting success in court cases would be strong.

8) While returning first time from court case devote rose flower on mazaar and then go back home. 9) For getting success in any court case or any argument bear triangular red- sinduri Moonga in gold or copper ring in ring finger of right hand.Probability of getting success increases.

10) For getting victory in court case enshrine Siddhi Vinayak pyramid in temple in your home every Wednesday and pray “Gan Ganpatey Namo Namru” Mantra and then wrap it in red cloth bring with you while going to court… will get success soon.

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Remedies For Success in Court Cases

Remedies For Success in Court Cases

If any person is trapped in Court Cases, and if doubts are there......then by sighting sancrosanct 'Muqadma Vijayi Yantra' ,& by some unique measures He will definitely get benefitted".....

Remedies For Success in Court Cases

Remedies For Success in Court Cases