The ancient sages and learned men have time and again emphasized proper eating habits; they have specifically advised what to eat and what not to eat or what not to have in combination or together. If we do not give attention to these small, trivial advises it can have a devastating effect on our digestive system and can make us unwell. Even the current medical science advises us to be sincere and take our eating habits seriously to avoid complications in later stages. We may have also heard these advices from our elders but many of us have passed them as superstition or hypocrisy. It is because of this that very few people actually understand and know about what to, and what not to, eat. We are giving below a few examples of some food items that should not be taken together, as their consequences could be harmful.

1] Curds and Milk should not be taken together or one after the other, without any interval in between. It is because the basic, fundamental essence of both these food items is different. Consuming them together can be very harmful.

2] Milk and Onions should not be had together; if consumed together the chances of having skin problems like, scabies, itching and eczema increases.

3] Curds / Milk and Fish also should not be consumed together. It should be totally avoided and not had together under any circumstances. Because Curd�s basic fundamental characteristic is of coolness so it should not be had with anything that is characteristically hot, like fish; consuming them together can lead to allergic reactions and in adverse cases white patches on the skin or bloating / flatulence, problems can arise.

4] Sweets with Chicken should be avoided. Juices and sweets should never be had along with chicken; having them together leads to gastric problems.

5] �Paan Masala� with cold drinks - either before or after having a cold drink one should avoid eating �Paan Masala� immediately; basically peppermint is a essential ingredient of �paan Masala� and the ingredients of cold drink when combined with peppermint, together they form cyanide, which is a deadly poison; having them one after the other leads to mouth ulcers, vertigo and nausea / vomiting. It is also very harmful for the heart.

6] Potatoes and Rice � not only are rice and potatoes considered a staple diet in many a Indian homes but are also liked by the majority; but according to Ayurveda ,having them together is very harmful for the digestive system. They basically slow down the digestive process which in the longer run leads to constipation; also having rice /potatoes together and not duing much physical labor leads to obesity and piles.

7] Fruits and meals � many people have fruits along with their meals, which is wrong; according to Ayurveda having fruits and meals together can have an adverse effect on the health of a person. It is because the carbohydrates and proteins contents have different process and secretion of enzymes for assimilation of proteins and carbohydrates. Many citrus fruits are acidic in nature and are the main cause of acidity. Having both fruits and meals together slows down the digestive process leading to acidity, constipation, dyspepsia.

8] Curd with parathas � nowadays having �parathas� with curd has become a sort of a fad but according to Ayurveda ,having curd with deep �fried edibles is not advisable , because the amount of fat used in �parathas� obstructs the digestion process and the energy that could be used from the fat contents is not available to the body ; but if one prefers to have curd with anything deep - fried or fried he should add some salt ,black=pepper powder or gooseberry [amla] powder in the curd - this helps in cutting down the negative effect of the combination.

9] Milk and Lemon � one should never have milk with anything sour like lemon /lemon juice ,tamarind [imli] , citrus fruits like cranberries ,citrus fruits etc � they are very harmful to the digestive system and can lead to perpetual acidity.

10] Curd with �Urad Daal� [green/black pulses] � having �Urad Daal� [green/black pulses] with curd is very harmful. Although we appreciate �dahi badey� [Urad Daal balls dipped and marinated in curd with spices] but according to Ayurveda, having much of this combination can lead to cardiac problems.

11] Curd with �Kheer� [rice porridge, cooked in milk and sugar] should not be had � along with kheer one should also avoid musk-melon ,blue berries , radish and cottage cheese with curd ; having these has adverse effects on the body.

12] Tea with meals � many people have the habit of having tea along with their meals or immediately after their meals � this leads to acidity � because of tea ,the proteins assimilation of the food item is disturbed and the proper amount of protein is not absorbed by the body and leads to indigestion and can lead to further complications in the longer run ; if you do have a habit of having tea ,more than usual ,have it an hour before or after meal , but never together with the meals.

13] Clarified butter [ghee] and honey in equal quantities should never be had; the combination of equal quantities of honey and ghee makes it poisonous.

14] Cold drinks should be avoided along with hot meals; cold drinks or cold water interferes with the digestion process and can lead to digestive issues and complications; this also promotes obesity.

15] Rice should never be had in combination with vinegar � having kheer [milk-rice sweet porridge] with �khichri �[pulses and rice cooked together]should be avoided , also garlic should not be consumed with the afore mentioned combination. 16] To remain healthy one should not have meals in brass or copper utensils/vessels.

17] One should also avoid coffee ,cold drinks ,ice-creams ,pizzas , burgers , chow-mien , [all junk food ] ,tobacco ,Paan Masala ,non-vegetarian food [meat, chicken, lamb etc],confectionary items having egg as an ingredient ,biscuits ,bread , and other synthetically manufactured edible items � they all have adverse effect on the digestive system and our body as a whole. 18] Any person who has been ill or is unwell should never be given kidney beans [Raajma] , Urad daal [green / black pulses] , grams ,chicken peas ,jack fruit , potatoes , yam , cauliflower /cabbage ,tomatoes , peas ,sour vegetables etc .They can prolong the recovery process.

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