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Bodh Gaya Temple

Bodh Gaya,In Bihar there is a small but main city known as  Bodh Gaya is situated near the hindus pilgrim gaya, , in the buddh religion  bodh gaya is very holy and main pilgrim.

It is to be said that almost 500 b.c. lord Buddha has done prayer  under the Bodhi Tree near the Falgu river. He got  knowledge under this tree. After this he was called lord Buddha and that time this place is the centre place of devotion and affection of his pupils.

After getting the knowledge he stayed for seven weak near the uruvela for thinking after this he went to sarnath and give his first sermon and propogate the religion of Buddha. From where the lord Buddha achieved the knowledge in the month of Baishakh and the day of Poornima , this place is known in  the name of Bodh Gaya and the day is to be known as the Buddh Purnima .

The Maha Bodhi temple is the main temple of bodh gaya. It is the brief that the statue of Mahabodhi which is established in temple is directly related with the lord Buddha. Once a time lord Buddha has come into the dream of one bohd bhikshu and said that this statue was built by himself. The statue of lord Buddha is very famous in budh religion , and the form of this statue was  established in Nalanda and Vikramshila also. In the year of 2002 UNESCO has declared this place as the world heritage museum.

It is said that after the getting knowledge of lord Buddha almost  after 259 years  emperor Ashoka has come Bodh Gaya and he  built the Mahabodhi temple this is the main temple here . In this temple the statue of lord Buddha is establised in the position of  padmashan. Around the temple  fence is  decorated and  built in  the ancient particles of bodhgaya. In the southern east  a  beautiful park is situated, where bodh pupils  do prayer. There is marked a seven place in this temple where lord buddhs was passed his seven week after getting knowledge. The Bodhi Tree where the lord Buddha got  the knowledge is situated at the back of temple at the present this is the fifth generation of that tree.

At the back of main temple 7 feet high statue of lord buddhs of red sand is situated in the vijrashan. It is to be said in the third century B.C. emperor Ashoka had  built the thorne which is fitted with diamonds and it is called the centre of earth. Infornt of lord Buddha there is huge footmarks on the sand stone, which is known as the symbol of dharma shakra parivartan.

Beside of thse tibation math burmi vihar, japani temple Chinese temple thai math bhutani math and viatnami temple is also famous and devotional.Every year millon of people  visit here from the every corner of the world  in bodh gaya and  do prayer of divine and peaceful statue of lord Buddha and feel happiness and peace.

Bodh Gaya

BodhGaya Image BodhGaya Image BodhGaya Image BodhGaya Image BodhGaya Image

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Pandit Ji
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