This site is dedicated to all ancestors of this world . You revered all your late loved ones, ancestors here by creating their profile and give his name immortal.


Friends no one on this earth is without ancestors, it means that all the human beings have past history perhaps we are not familiar with that. Today whatever development we see around us is the result of the efforts of our ancestor’s hard work. They planted trees, made wells, ponds, lakes, etc. They wrote volumes on medicines, yoga, philosophy, literature, education, agriculture and law, etc.  Today whatever we see in this world is the revised form of the rules and principles of our ancestors. 

Almost all the religious literature whether it be  Hindu’s Vedas or Geeta, Muslim’s Quran, Christian’s Bible, Sikh’s Gurugranth  Sahib, Buddha’s Dhammpadpar or Jain’s Tatvarth Sutra all have been compiled by our ancestors.

These books contain all the rules and values of our society.

We inherit our name and customs from our ancestors and every person wants that the name of his family to get acknowledged in the society. It’s our bad luck that we are not well-informed about our grand parents.

After the death of the person society forgets them. Not many in the succeeding generations would remember them and in addition either we don’t have the time or in the absence of information or due to weak sentimental connection we don’t  think about them, and sometimes we don’t even bother to wipe out the dust on the frames of our ancestor’s photographs.