This site is dedicated to all ancestors of this world . You revered all your late loved ones, ancestors here by creating their profile and give his name immortal.

Preface is the true homage to our ancestors whom we will never forget, with the help of this site we can introduce their names, pictures, work and achievements and offer them tributes to take inspiration from them.

In our society most of the people take life insurance policy not only to save taxes, but also for the financial security of their family, similarly they also need to discharge their duties towards their elders.

Every parent want their child to attain name and fame in their life and get success in all the fields they enter, and for this they spend their whole life, they compromise with their happiness and feelings, so why don’t we write their names on the pages of history for coming generation to take inspiration from our dear one’s and forefathers who were once very close to us. is the pledge that memories, desires and inspirations of our forefathers will never destroy. With the help of this site we will always remember them and put all the information related to them on this site so the whole world would know them and their name will exist forever.

We have visited number of site related to marriage, chatting, jobs, business, games, yoga, literature, science and news, etc. where we created our profile and spent time, but memory museum is the first community site   where we linked with other people and their dear one’s after the death, when you link with this site we help you to perform your duties.
According to the law of nature  people who die are gone forever, we never get to see them again on this earth, but with the feelings of gratitude and respect we always  remember them and by doing this, we get the sense of self satisfaction..