This site is dedicated to all ancestors of this world . You revered all your late loved ones, ancestors here by creating their profile and give his name immortal.


Most of the people make museums, trust, orphanages, statues, hospitals and religious places in the memories of their loved ones or forefathers and on their death anniversary they organise some program, behind  these things they only had a feeling to pay tribute to the deceased person. But in today’s scenario doing such a things are either very expensive or difficult and that too offline.

To pay tribute and  respect to our forefathers, and perform religious work  is not the  duty of only elders, but every person who has the little knowledge of internet and the faith. Its a lifetime opportunity to discharge their duties toward their families and generation through this site.

You have to make only the profile of your dear ones on the memory, then this site will perform your duties very well, and when you have the time you can attach your memories with them.
No matter wherever you live in this world, you may be following any religion, you may be of any age, you may be in any business, but with the help of memory you can keep alive the name of your generations forever.

This site is just a small beginning.