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Welcome To Makka
Makka which is called in Arabic language “Makka Al Mukarmah”, It is a holy place for the muslim.which is situated in Saudi Arabia. Makka city is situated in the historical place Hazaz which is the capital of Makka state, this state is situated 72 km away from Jeddah.

In Islam religion this Makka city is known about the name of Haj journey, There almost 30 lakh people come for Haj all over the world. It is a desire of every muslim people to came here at once in his life time. Makka is known to be a holy place because the founder of Islam Religion, Hazrat  Mohammad Sahab was born here in the year of 571. it is to be said that Makka was established by Ismails dynasty. Hazrat Mohammad sahib protest all the social and religious evils from here. Thats why Mohhamad sahib moved from Makka to madina. At the ancient time Makka was the main place of trade and centre of islam religion. Islam has spred from this place from all over the world. Makka was the free state of year 966 to 1924 and there is a rule of religion people, it was the territory of Saudai Arabai in the year of 1924.

At the time of Haj journey the entry of non-muslim is prohibited , Here is holy “Kaba” was built by lord Abraham and his son lord Ismail it is coverd by black cloth and the people of Haj take circle a 7 time of this “Al Haram Masjid” is a very holy mosque which is built near the “Kaba” It ranked very high and holy mosque all over the world. Millions of people can pray the Namaz at a time in this mosque.from 4 mils away from here is a “Al Tanim”(Masjid –a-Aisha) huge mosque is situated in the way of Madina, here is also people visit in very large numbers.

25km. for away from Makka “Arafat” is situated, the Haj people come here at the 9th day Arafat is surrounded by , north and south  beautiful hills. The “Al Rahmat” is the most beautiful and main. It is to be said that from this mountain god blessed his peoples, and it is compulsory to go the Arafat for the Haj people then only his Haj journey is complete.

In the east of Makka there is Al Karam Masjid which is 5kn far from here. Meena is situated between two hills in the is to be said that the devil was arrest here and every haj people has to throw  the stone on the devil it is a custum of there and giving of the sacrifice of the animals is also the custum.”Jannat-Ul- Maula” is the holy and devotional place near the Makka,There Hazrat mohammad sahid was buried here.

“Jabal-Al-Guru” is the famous caveof here, It is to be said that when the rulers of  Makka send his soldiers to kill Hazrat Mohammad Sahab and his family member so Hazrat Mohammad Sahab has taken shelter in this and that time spider made a net on the gate of cave the soldiers return from there and all life was saved.

Because of all these reasons those people are lucky who complete their Haj of the blessing of Allah and made his life successful.


Pandit Ji
Pandit Ji
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