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Mukadma Vijay Yantra

Mukadma Vijay Yantra

1. ाणे जित्वा वैत्यायपहत शिरस्त्रेः कवधिभि,

विर्वन्तेश्चंदाश त्रिपुरहर निर्मल्य विभुरेवैः,

विशाखो न्द्रोयेन्द्रैः शशि विशद कपूर शकला

विलीयन्ते भवास्त्व वदन ताम्बल कावलाः ।।

2. हे चक्रधर !, हे चक्रपाणि !!, हे चक्रायुधधारी !!!

Friends if somebody get entrapped in court cases, then not only he but his family members have to face situation of fear and uncertainty………They all have to face problems at every level either physically, financially, at the front of family and society. Generally it is due to the fault of that person or he is being entrapped in all these court cases even after being innocent……All these could be the result of his sins of either present birth or previous birth/outcome of sins done by other family members/ancestors…… To get rid of these court cases or related problems that person should apologize to Maa Kali for the sins done knowingly or unknowingly by his/ family members/ ancestors…..If the fault has been done knowingly then regret for that, and take pledge not to repeat any wrong deed in future…..If stay away from evils and show love, kindness and mutual affection then Kali Maa definitely shower him with benevolence. Through the regular sighting / worshipping of muqadma vijayi yantra will soon have an impact on court cases , judges, lawyers and related peoples…… and get victory in court related works.

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Pandit Ji
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