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Tips/Remedies For Success on everywhere

Success in All Your Future Endeavors

21. Lighting earthen lamps with wicks, every Tuesday or Saturday and asking Lord Hanuman to free you from all troubles and provide you with a solution to troubling issues… shall be granted peace and freedom from all worries and mental tension.

22.While worshipping in the morning ,and offering ‘aarti’ to the gods, put two cloves in the earthen lamp holding the flame or two cloves with flowers on a piece of camphor…………your entire day shall pass off smoothly.

23. Donating black ‘urad’ lentil with mustard oil every Saturday shall rid you off all obstacles.

24. If you have been plagued with hurdles and obstacles in every work / endeavor, and even those jobs which are on the verge of finalization are getting cancelled at the last moment……light a earthen lamp filled with mustard oil and drop a intact clove in the oil. Light this lamp in a secluded,uninhabitated place and mentally pray to the Almighty to help you with give you freedom from the hurdles….soon all obstacles will be removed and you shall start having success in your efforts and endeavors’.

25.Except Sundays offer water to the Basil plant [Tulsi] and the Sun…..only after that leave the house…you will have joyous and exciting news from all directions.

26.When on an important mission /work………wear dark colored clothes ,preferably red /blue… will certainly have success .

27. While leaving the house on some important errand, drop a black pepper ball on the doorway and crush it under your feet….do not come back…… shall certainly have success.

28. On a Sunday, visit the temple of Lord Bhairav…..take some vermillion from the idol of Lord Bhairav and put its mark on your forehead……convey all your wishes to Lord Bhairav………..follow this ritual every Sunday and within a few weeks you shall start getting favorable responses…..and your wishes taking shape.

29. On a Saturday evening, take a length of red, silken cord equal to your height…… pluck a banyan tree leaf and clean it well with water…tie the red thread on this leaf and drain it in flowing water……all obstacles in your path to success shall be removed and wishes fulfilled……..if the Saturday happens to be ‘Sarvaarth Siddhi Yog’….which can be ascertained from the almanac….it shall be more than preferred……, giving quicker results.

30. For removal of any kind of obstacle , offer a pinch of ‘JAVITRI’ [an Indian Spice] on the idol of Lord Ganesh for a minimum of 21 days ; also eat a bit in the night at the time of going to sleep………this should be done for 21,42,64 or 84 days…for beneficial results.

These are certain remedies and solutions which if anyone embraces them with faith and a pure heart will surely benefit from them and shall see success and prosperity on all fronts..

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