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How To Get Success in Business

Tips And Remedies For Business Improvement

21. Distributing Jaggery [Gur] and Yellow oven cooked grams [Chana] to the poor and needy every Friday and also donating a handful of Basmati Rice every Wednesday, bestows the person with the grace of Goddess Lakshmi [Goddess of Wealth].

22. If you are feeling dejected that despite all remedies you are still not getting the required success or prosperity ……..then on a Thursday of the waning Moon fortnight, bring home the undergrowths / weeds, growing around a ‘Shyamal Tulsi’ [Black variety of Basil] which is planted in the premises of a temple… these weeds in a new ,yellow cloth –piece and keep it in your work place in a clean , secure corner. Pray to it with incense and flowers daily… will have positive results.

23. On the first Wednesday of every month take five fistful of green ,unbroken, green ‘Moong’ lentils and tie them in a fresh, new green cloth…….drain the bundle in flowing water source [river] and pray to the Almighty for fulfilling your wish……you shall have a positive outcome and a successful life.

24.For prosperity and material gain, drain one fistful of Basmati rice in flowing water [river] every Monday evening of the waning Moon fortnight………while doing so offer prayers to Goddess Lakshmi.

25. Take an earthen pot and color it red……….place a fresh coconut [water filled] inside the pot and close the mouth of the pot with the sacred thread [‘kalawa’] and drain the pot in a flowing river …very soon you shall be blessed with news related to wealth and prosperity.

26. Every day before starting one’s meals, the senior most person of the family should take out a portion [mouthful] from the meal for a cow and birds……it is believed that thru such an act we are indirectly feeding our ancestors and it is their blessings and wishes that we beget fortune, wealth and prosperity.

27. On any auspicious day tie seven ‘Gomti Chakras’ and Black turmeric in a shiny yellow cloth-piece after applying vermillion mark and offering incense …keep this bundle in the safe-vault or cash box……..wealth shall be automatically attracted.

28. Fill a pot with water and mix it with milk, sandal wood powder, flowers and rice grains…..empty this pot in to the roots of a banyan tree on a Monday morning….wealth and prosperity shall fill the house-hold.

29. For commercial benefits at the business place, the powers of the Shree Yantra can be enhanced manifold by keeping ‘Naagkesar’ along with the Yantra,[Naagkesar is easily available at any store dealing in ‘Pooja’ [prayers/rituals material/goods].

30. For progress in business and office alike, take a piece of raw ,cotton thread and dye it with saffron..tie this piece of dyed thread anywhere at your business place and if in office ,it can be kept in the drawers / cupboard.. chances of progress and promotions are strengthened.

31. By keeping energized black ‘cowry- shells’ in the safe-vault of your business place will very soon bring in success and prosperity..


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Pandit Ji
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