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Remedies To Be Get An Offspring

1. If any couple has been unsuccessful in begetting a child the lady should follow this remedy for success;Obtain a empowered / energised “Santaan Gopal Yantra” during the Shukla Paksh [wanning of the full moon fortnight] and establish the same in their home.Continuously for 16 Thursdays they should fast and offer milk mixed with candy sugar and water to a banana plant and the peepal tree and light incense sticks under the plant.Exactly on the 13th night after her menstural periods she should have inter-course with her husband and it shall bear fruits.

2. A couple desirous of a child should fast on Thursdays and as far as possible consume yellow edibles and wear yellow clothings and donate yellow items…their desire for a child shall soon bear fruits.

3. Offering two rolled,rounded balls of wheat flour mixed with softened /wet gram pulses[dal] and a pinch of turmeric to a cow regularly will give fruitful results and she shall soon bear a child.

4. During the ‘shukla paksh’ [wanning fortnight of the full moon] take a leaf of the banyan tree, wash it well and and make a ‘swastik’ on it with vermillion …..Place a betel nut and a few rice grains and before sunset offer it to a deity in a temple and pray for a child……..very soon your prayers shall be answered.

5. On any Friday take a yellow cowrie- shell and with the help of a yellow thread tie it around your waist ….this shall enhance your probabilities for begetting an off-spring.

6. Daily offering and anointing a “mercury shivling” with milk shall fulfill a lady’s desire to bear a child.

7. Distributing jaggery [gur[ to the poor and needy every Thursday also enhances the probabilities of bearing a child.

8. During the ‘Purva Phalguni Nakshatra’ [which can be ascertained from the almanac],mixing milk with the grounded powder of the roots of a mango tree and drinking it ,the lady is sure to beget a child.This has been a very tried and tested remedy.

9.To fulfill ones desire for a child ,the lady should on all days of the week ,except Sundays, light an earthen lamp under a ‘peepul ‘ tree and circumbulate the tree ,praying for a child.Her wish shall very soon be granted.

10. Consuming pills of “Shwet Lakshman Booti” [an ayurvedic preparation] with milk for 21 days regularly shall definitely have beneficial effect and results.


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Pandit Ji
Pandit Ji
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