Important of Virtuous Deeds

Importance of Virtuous Deeds

Always keep it in mind that we are born for a particular aim, none of the creations of the nature is useless. Every person has to follow his religion and duties in his life, then only he can achieve success. There is no shortcut to success. Shortcut always has difficulities, danger and loss. Every religion tells us about goodness, truth, non violence. Meaning of religion is to keep away from bad work, do our work with devotion and always remember that our future depends upon our present. If we always follow our religion, we will never suffer.

Our condition will depend upon our work of this birth and antenatal (last birth). Whatever we do, effects our family and subsequent generations.

We must keep respect, and devotion to our elders, teachers and parents and love to our younger ones. We must not ignore our family and ancestors. We should discharge our duty towards  them, it is our duty (Dharm) and is most sacred and satisfying. Our forefathers always help their descendants to be happy and bless them when we have the feeling of gratitude, homage and respect towards them.  This is not a superstition, but in the whole world there are maney examples, where the forefathers helped their children.

Our forefathers are the source of light, which have divine power and divine blessing. So, they always wish for the success and growth of their generations.

As millons of drops of water accumulate to form a sea or river. Similarly, virtuous deeds of human being  are accumulated and they act as an asset for their future generations. Bad deeds are bound to  affect your family and your descendants. God might not give us an instant reward for our good deeds. However, he gives it after a period of time. Whenever we  are doing any work, we should always remember that the backlash of our deeds would always affect our family as well as the future generations.

The human beings doesn’t know the form of god whether he is male or female, long or short, fair or black, fat or slim.

But, if we imagine God in any shape, we will see him in the similar form. Every person prays and offers devotion to GOD in various forms like – “Lord Ganesh, Lord Shivji, Lord Krishna, Lord Shri Ram, Maa Durga ji, Allah, Jesus Christ, Guru Nanak, Mahavir ji and Lord Budha”.


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