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Panchak in the month of November


Panchak,When the constellation are in the aforesaid combination / position ,the situation is termed as ‘Panchak’ – Ascending ‘Ghanishtha’, ‘Shatibhisha’, ‘Poorva Bhaadrpad’, Uttara Bhaadrapad’ and ‘Revati’ are the five constellations thus enumerated in the scriptures.

As said by the learned sage, Garg, whatsoever work is done during the ‘Panchak’ period has to be borne five times. It is believed that if a person dies during the ‘Panchak’ period, then at the time of cremation, four or five imitation corpses of ‘Kusha’ [grass]’ or wheat flour are made and cremated along with the dead person on the same pyre and all rituals are carried out for the imitation corpses …., this is said to protect the family from the malefic effect of the ‘Panchak’ phase.

Scriptures used for calculating and deriving at auspicious timing for marriage ceremonies, head-shaving ceremonies, laying the foundation stone of a house, house-warming, sacred thread ceremony, etc, do not take into consideration the ‘Panchak’ period. Also ‘Panchak ‘is not considered when celebrating ‘RakshaBandhan’ , ‘Bhai Dooj’ etc.[ festivals related to brother-sister relation]

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