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What is Bhadra

Vighn kaarak Bhadra in the month of November

Bhadra ,As per the Hindu scriptures, when embarking on any auspicious project, special consideration is given to ‘Bhdraa’, because the ‘Bhdraa’ period is considered unsuitable for starting any auspicious project. It is because of this no learned; spiritually inclined person will start any auspicious project during the ‘Bhdraa’ phase.

According to the scriptures, Bhdraa is the daughter of the Sun-God and the sister of Lord Saturn [Shani Dev].her attitude and composition is as aggressive as her brother Lord Saturn [Shani Dev].To balance her aggressive composure, Lord Bramha has provided her with a special unit / time –period in the Hindu Almanac [Panchaang].The presence of Bhdraa in any of the time periods [as per Hindu calendar] is considered a period for practicing faith, trust, austerity and patience.

A ‘Bhdraa’ period lasts anything between 7 to 13 hours and 20 minutes; but with the interjection of constellations and other factors as enumerated in the almanac, there are slight variations in the time-period; nevertheless the peak time of the start and end of the ‘Bhdraa Kaal’ should always be avoided for starting any project.

The Hindu Almanac [Panchaang] is divided in to five major portions viz. Date [tithi], Day [‘vaar’], Period [‘Yog’], Constellation [‘Nakshatra’] and ‘Karan’. Amongst these five portions,’Karan’ has its own significance and is considered a very important factor of the almanac. Karan is one-half of the date [tithi].There are 11 ‘Karans’ in all, subdivided into movable and immovable portions. The seventh ‘Karan’ out of the 11 is the ‘Bhdraa’. ‘Bhdraa’ is always moving and is never stationary. Purification and assimilation processes as per the Almanac pay special and great importance to ‘Bhdraa’.

Etymologically, ’Bhdraa’ means ‘One who blesses’ ‘Welfarer’…..but the nature of the ‘Bhdraa’ and its phase is in direct contrast to its meaning and starting any project aimed at welfare or auspiciouscity is prohibited during the period. According to our astrological scriptures, ’Bhdraa’ has its phase on each and every zodiac sign and is present in all the three world [LOK’s].But whenever it is in the ‘Mrityu Lok’ [nether-world],its effect is always harmful and disastrous.According to the Hindu scriptures, when the Moon is present in the constellation / zodiac of Cancer, Leo, Aquarius and Pisces and form the ‘Bhdraa’ unit as per the Almanac, it is believed that ‘Bhdraa’ is residing on Earth [‘Prithvi’ Lok] and starting any auspicious work is prohibited.During ‘Bhdraa Kaal ‘, wedding, head-shaving ceremony of young boys, house-warming, and ‘RakshaBandhan” is prohibited. However, bathing, lighting the sacrificial fire [Yajn], Courtship, using arms and ammunitions, surgery, filing law suits, lighting fire, cutting down any object, undertaking any work related to / with buffaloes, horses, camels, is considered suitable.

Bhdraa is also known by its twelve names which are – Dhaanya , Dadhi , Mukhi, Bhdraa, Mahamaari, Kharanna, Kaalraatri, Maharudra, Vishisthikaran, Kulputrika, Bhairravi, Mahakaali, Asurrakshayekaari .

Remedies to counter the malefic effect of ‘Bhdraa Kaal’ – according to scriptures, if any auspicious work has to be carried out during a Bhdraa period, the initiator / beneficiary should observe a fast.
It is strongly advised and should be borne in mind that if due to circumstances an important work has to be done and ‘Bhdraa Kaal’ is in effect, then at least the initial 5 unit time period of the period should be avoided at all cost – this is the ‘mouth’ of the ‘Bhdraa Kaal’.

Bhdraa Kaal starts with the ‘mouth’ and lasts for 5 unit period, travels to the ‘throat’ and stays for 2 unit period,11 unit period in the ‘heart’, and 4 unit periods in the ‘tail’ marking the end of the Bhdraa Kaal.. The first 5 units during its ‘mouth’ period should be avoided.

– During the ‘mouth’ phase, Bhdraa destroys the work started.
– During the ‘throat’ phase, Bhdraa destroys wealth and property.
– During the ‘heart’ phase, Bhdraa destroys the person him/herself, it can be fatal for the person.
– During the ‘tail’ phase, efforts are assured of success.

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Pandit Ji
Pandit Ji
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