About us

(Testing) This site is dedicated to all ancestors of this world. You revered all your late loved ones, ancestors here by creating their profile and give his name immortal.

Dear friends we are very lucky, that we born in human form, for which even God also want to be. For this gratefulness we are in debt of this earth and humanity. Today our earth and humanity need us, but just for the sake of our comfort, selfishness and illiteracy we have put it at danger. Unnecessary disturbance with the nature gives bad results. It’s our duty to save our earth and preserve it.

Today the meaning of the humanity has been changed for everyone, everybody wants to live according to own choice and for themselves. Whatever is not good according to us is bad and whatever we like is considered good even if it is harmful for others.

Every person defines life according to his level of selfishness. There is no love and honesty in human relation whether it is social or blood relations. Whether a child, adult, woman and man, nobody wants to follow the values.We all forgot our social values, rules and ideals. Corruption, dishonesty, struggle, violence in the society have increased. The respect of parents, teachers and elder person in the society has been almost finished. We all are polluted and are contributing in no way to our society, but in return we hope for the good result.

The biggest fact is ‘death’ one day we all have to die, but we ignored this fact, we do sin and as a result we struggle continuously in this beautiful life.

Memorymuseum.net is our small effort, through which we try and make our environment with full of love, non-violence and honesty. Every person can make their valuable contribution towards this earth. Through this site we can give respect and homage to our forefather’s.

Through this site every person can give his precious contribution  and make this earth a beautiful place a heaven to live in. This site makes us aware of the religion, values and our duties. Through this site we can preserve the memories of our ancestors, pittars, beloved one’s and pay them a true homage. This site is a vow that we will follow the path of god and perform a very important role in this world which would make our ancestors proud.

Friends this is an earnest request to all of you that you not only create the profile of your ancestors, beloved, loved one’s but also invite your friends and acquaintances and earn their wishes because after joining this site they would be able to create the profile of their ancestors and shower you with blessings and happiness which in turn help you become happy, successful and satisfied by joining this noble cause.
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