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Auspicious – Inaspicious Thought

Auspicious – Inauspicious Thoughts

Auspicious,Many a times in our lives we experience incidents which have a very powerful and memorable effect on our lives. Whenever we are leaving for an errand, certain pointers give us inkling as to what shall be the outcome of the work at hand. We readily have an idea if the outcome would be favorable or unfavourable.Termed as ‘superstition’; these are very strong pointers affecting the routine pace of our lives. Taking remedial action at the appropriate time will undoubtedly bless us with success in our endeavors.
Superstitions have their share of believers and with non-believers, terming it as “blind faith”. Whether overtly or covertly the majority of them are believers or at the most are non-committal; there is no out-right rejection. In some form or the other ‘superstitions have a place in our lives and they are as ancient as mankind..Not only in India, but throughout the world superstitions have their place and are well founded in all cultures cutting across all religions. Superstitions also find a mention in our scriptures and holy books. In astrology also they have a mention and remedies acting as antidotes are prescribed.
In the ‘Shakun Adhyay’ of the ‘Brihat Samhita’, a scripture dedicated to astrology, it is said…. “Superstitions are the fruits of the pure and impure deeds of past lives, in the present life.”
Here we are giving some auspicious and some widely believed inauspicious superstitions and their repercussions.

Auspicious Superstition Signs

1. Immediately on awakening in the morning, if you happen to hear the sound of a blowing-conch, religious songs or chants it is considered to be very auspicious and you can be assured of a joyful day.

2. On awakening if the first thing you see is a utensil filled with curd or milk it is considered very auspicious.

3. If a beggar calls for alms early in the morning you can be assured that your unpaid credit amount or tied up finances will be paid up / released soon.

4. At the time of leaving the house for some important errand if a cow or a married woman crosses your path or comes across, you will have success in the errand you are going for.

5. On the way for any important errand if you see someone carrying Jaggery [gur], it is considered very auspicious and you can be assured of a windfall gain in the transaction.

6. If on the way to your workplace you see a person carrying beautiful flowers or fresh, green grass it is a very auspicious sign.

7. It is a very auspicious sign if you see a person carrying a utensil filled with milk or water on the way to your workplace or any errand..

8. While embarking on a journey you happen to hear chants or religious songs being sung it is a very auspicious sign and your journey will turn out to be very successful and pleasant.

9. On the way [when travelling] ,if you happen to see a playful child or a vendor selling fruits or flowers, you can be assured of great profits and windfall gains.

10. While putting on your clothes if some money happens to fall out it is a very good sign and also if the same thing happens [money falling out] when you are taking off your clothes. They are very auspicious signs, foretelling monetary gains.

11. If a bird excretes on you, it is a very fortunate sign and foretells that all your misery and financial problems are going to end soon.

12. If it starts raining and you get drenched as soon as you leave the house for some work, it is a very good sign.

13. While leaving the house for some work or travel, if you come across a priest, saint or a sage, it is a very auspicious sign and would give positive results in your endeavors.

14. A priest, a horse , an elephant, a mongoose,falcon,peacock,milk,lotus flower, religious songs/chants,cereals,a pot filled with water, any animal restrained with a rope/chain, fish ,a burning fire, an umbrella, a prostitute, any kind of a weapon, any gemstone, a lady, a virgin girl ,a washer-man carrying freshly washed and ironed clothes, clarified butter [ghee]mustard, mud/earth/soil,sugarcane,a funeral procession, a palanquin , a flag, a goat, a dear friend, a lady with her child, a cow with her calf, a white Ox, a sage, ‘kalp-vriksh'[a wish-fulfilling tree], honey, liquor or a bin filled with garbage or a vehicle loaded with goods at the time or journey,…. if you come across any of these signs it is considered very auspicious, foretelling positivity.


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Pandit Ji
Pandit Ji
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