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Dilwada Jain Temple

Dilwada jain temple  is situated in Mount Abu in the Sirohi Distric of Rajsthan . Dilwada temple is the group of the five temple. It was built in the  11th to 13 dacade.This huge and beautiful temple is tribute to the jain Tirathankars , Among five huge temple two are big and three temples  are their forms

The Vimal vasahi temple  is tribute to the first tirathanker is too ancient, The Lun vasahi temple  is tributed to the 22nd tirathankar Naminath which is too beautiful.
Lord Kunthunath of the temple of  Digambers jain is also situated here. The amazing temple of Devrani Jithani is  also situated over here. There statues of Lord Adinath and Shantinath are made in this temple.
The temple of Lord Mahavir is too small in all this, which was built  in 1582.  Here is a divine chaumukhat , which is known as the name of kharatvasahi temple . There is a beautiful statues of lord Parshavnath is also establisted over here.
It is to be said this three storey temple was built in 15thCentury. This temple  is in brown colour,and its top is highest among  all the temple.  Dilwada temple is made of white marble ,the beautiful  pictures of dancers is built in 48 pillars in this temple .
The architecture of  Dilwada temple is of high quality, beautiful and lively which is attractive to the  visitiors  and they will never  forget the divine atmosphere and amazing feelings. That’s why the people of all religious visit here.        
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