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Astro Remedies For Success in Life

Astro Remedies For Success in Life

Astro Remedies For Success in Life,We all strive to attain wealth, fame, peace, success and a life without illness or sufferings .But quite sometimes, despite our best efforts we are unable to achieve our goals. Due to situations ,circumstances and exigencies that arise unexpectedly shake the very foundation of our existence…. things that were till now going smooth and in our favor take a turn for the unfavourable.In such circumstances ,if a person ,takes the help of remedial solutions ,as per his Zodiac sign then definitely his path to success will be smoothened and fame ,wealth and prosperity and all his desires will have a positive outcome. We are giving here some remedial solution based on each Zodiac sign…you can follow the prescribed remedy according to your sign and experience the taste of success and fulfillment of desires.

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1. ARIES : Aries are advised to sprinkle cow’s urine everyday or on any one, fixed day of the week in their homes. At the work place light a ‘googgal’ incense and spread the smoke over the entire work area. This will save your home and workplace from the ‘evil-eye’ and all around success and prosperity will be showered.
2. TAURUS :The ruler of this Zodiac sign is Venus…….people of this sign should donate pure ghee [clarified butter] made from cow’s milk at any Goddess Laxmi temple.

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3. GEMINI : Mercury is the Lord of this zodiac sign. Hence, all individuals under this sign should donate items related to Mercury like green lentils, green garments/clothes; emerald, saffron, camphor, clarified butter [ghee], sweet candy etc..will be very beneficial for them. BUT it should be borne in mind that if Mercury is exalted in the horoscope of the individual, he should never donate these items. Individuals having Gemini as their zodiac sign, as per their capacity and affordability, should donate green clothes along with green bangles to transvestites. They shall never face penury or lack of wealth in their lives.
4. CANCER : Moon has a deep and special effect on the Cancerians.To satiate Moon, individuals whose zodiac sign is Cancer should feed young girl-children [below 10 years of age], give them gifts and presents…it shall be greatly beneficial.

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5. LEO : The Lord of this zodiac is Sun and the sign is greatly influenced by it. All individuals of this zodiac should offer water filled in a copper container [tumbler/pot] to the Sun-God. Fame and prosperity shall be yours. 6. VIRGO : Mercury is the lord of this zodiac sign. Individuals having Virgo as their zodiac sign should feed, water soaked, green-Moong lentils to a cow. It shall give peace at home and success in life.

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7. LIBRA : Ruled by Venus. Individuals under this sign should offer meals to newly wedded couples and wedded females, whose husbands are still alive…. Occasionally. This will help them attain the benevolence of Goddess Laxmi all through their lives.
8. SCORPIO : Mars is the lord of this zodiac sign. Individuals subject to this sign should keep a copper tumbler filled with water at their bed-side during night at the time of retiring to bed. On awakening in the morning pour the water on a thorny plant. Peace and prosperity will always fill the house.

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9. LIBRA: Libra is ruled by Lord Brihaspati [Guru] and individuals should observe ways to satiate the ruling lord. They should feed a pale cow [off –white/yellow], with fodder / chapattis and with flour –pedas [flattened dough], stuffed with water soaked Bengal gram lentils. [Chana dal]. Also feeding a Brahmin [saint/sage] on a Thursday will give beneficial results.
10. CAPRICORN : Lord Saturn is the ruler of this zodiac sign. Individuals under this sign should donate at least once a month a black blanket with some money, to a needy/poor person. They will be blessed with peace, progress, prosperity and success all through their lives.

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11. AQUARIUS : The ruler of this house is also Saturn. All individuals under this sign are advised to regularly feed sugar and flour to ants’ .They will never have to face any instability in their lives. 12. PISCES : The Zodiac sign of Pisces is ruled by Lord Brihaspati [Jupiter].Pisceans are advised to feed flour-dough balls to the fishes regularly or feed them doing so they shall never lack wealth and prosperity.

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So…friends… do not delay any further,.. imbibe / follow /adopt the simple solutions as per your zodiac sign and fulfill your desires of wealth, health and prosperity.

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