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Dyavipushkar Tripushkar Yog

Dyavipushkar Tripushkar Yog

Depending on a specific combination of the day, date[according to the Hindu calendar] and constellation, the ‘Dyavipushkar Yog’ has the ability to offer two-fold results/benefit provided that the work undertaken is repeated twice / will have to be repeated twice and consequently the benefit is also derived twice. But this is also applicable to any inauspicious work that maybe undertaken in this muhurat; then by all chance an opportunity would present itself when the same work is to be repeated [however inauspicious]…the circumstances would develop so…..and subsequently the consequences too will have to be borne the second time. It is therefore advised very strongly that one should refrain at all cost undertaking any harmful / inauspicious work during this period which occurs when and if….

(1) according to the Hindu calendar the ‘bhadra tithi’ [day’.. i.e. the second , seventh and twelfths day of the bhadra period falls on (2)the Sundays , Tuesdays and Saturdays and (3) if the constellation on these days/dates are either ‘Mrigshira’ ,’Chitra or ‘Ghanishtha’….a combination of either of these three factors together will give rise to the’ Dyavipushkar Yog’.

Tripushkar Yog

‘Tripushkar Yog’ is similar to ‘Dyavipushkar Yog……only difference being that it creates situations when the work has to be repeated thrice….the benefits /consequences are received thrice [three folds] ; If and when the second , seventh and twelfth date [as per Hindu calendar] falls on a Sunday, Saturday or Tuesday combined with the ‘Punarvasu’,’Uttarashhadh’ or’ Poorvabhdraapad’ constellation, it gives rise to the unique ‘Tripushkar Yog’. Any work undertaken is multiplied thrice and so are its benefits and harmful consequences, depending on the auspiciouscity and inauspiciousity of the work undertaken….it is thus believed in the astrological scriptures.

– According to the astrological scriptures one should indulge in monetary / fiscal endeavors so that the return is three –fold.
– It is believed and suggested that immovable property matters should be pursued during this phase, as the increase / gain is three-fold.
– If bank transactions are carried out during this phase, earning a three-fold gain will enhance the bank balance accordingly.
– Increasing one’s assets, like gold, silver, vehicles etc. is advised during this period as the benefits will increase three-fold.
– Undertaking pilgrimage during this period draws great benefits and accumulation of virtues is many-fold. Prayers and offerings have beneficial and unique results. A special significance is added to them, if carried out during this period.

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Pandit Ji
Pandit Ji
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