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What is Rahu Kaal

What Is Rahu Kaal

In Indian Astrology, much importance is given to the time and its auspiciouscity in starting any new venture .It is widely believed that starting any venture under auspicious timings begets favorable results. In this context it is important to mention that in a day from sunrise to sunset, there is a time period when any auspicious work is prohibited

we know it as ‘Rahu Kaal’…. .The planet Rahu is considered a malefic planet and as per its nature it is a malefic planet well-known for creating hurdles and obstacles in the path of any new venture…..travels at Rahu Kaal should be avoided as far as possible. Planets follow a schedule when they are retrograde and also a particular patter hence like all planets, Rahu also follows a pattern and as such there is a definite Rahu Kaal each day within sunrise to sunset..
As per astrology in a day’s cycle, from sunrise to sunset, there is a definite ‘Rahu Kaal’ period, which may vary from place to place depending on the timings of Sunrise and Sunset. ‘Rahu Kaal’ will never be in the early hours of the day .Its period and time varies every day of the week. On Mondays it would be in the second shift of the day [each shift [pahar] is of 1 hour 30 minutes from sunrise to sunset.], on Saturdays in the third shift, on Fridays in the fourth shift, on Wednesdays in the fifth shift, on Thursdays in the sixth shift, on Tuesdays in the seventh shift and on Sundays in the eighth shift.
In Vedic Astrology, to ascertain the ‘Rahu Kaal’ there is a specific methodology. A day begins at Sunrise and ends at sunset which is approx take as 12 hours which is further divided by 8 to give a ‘Pahar’ [shift] ..which results in each shift [pahar] being of 1 hr 30 minutes In this time span of 1 hr 30 minutes a particular time slot is the Rahu Kaal period. For the ease of visitors to this site, we are giving the duration and time of Rahu Kaal as per the days of the week. You can refer to the timings of Rahu Kaal and plan your activities accordingly;


Tuesday —

Wednesday —

Thrusday —

Friday —

Saturday —

Sunday —

Morning – 7.30 To 9.00

Afternoon – 3.00 To 4.30

Afternoon – 12.00 To 1.30

Afternoon – 1.30 To 3.00

Morning – 10.30 To 12.00

Morning – 9.00 To 10.30

Evening – 4.30 To 6.00

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Pandit Ji
Pandit Ji
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