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Tips/Remedies For Debt Relief

Friends, it has been emphasized time and again and also finds mention in our scriptures that as far as possible, a person should avoid taking any form of loan or credit. Truly, no one likes to be under debts or take credit, but certain circumstances force the individual to take the plunge.Because of the helplessness and need of the person, certain unwanted conditions are accepted by the creditor.
Nowadays every person, irrespective of his financial standing is applying for loans for maybe a house or a car, personal items, consumer goods, higher studies or even for his business is taking loans. Sometimes a loan is taken under unfavorable circumstances or unavoidable circumstances, repaying the loan become very difficult. Despite all his efforts he is unable to repay the loan amount due to which the loan amount including the interest becomes all the more and the entire life period is spent in repaying off the debts.
We are giving here some tips related to giving or taking of loans .These tips follow the beliefs as mentioned in our ancient scriptures. Following these valuable tips will definitely save you from the troubles associated with repayments and getting rid of unwanted circumstances. Also your loan repayment would be cleared within the time frame suiting your convenience.


1 –  “ॐ ऋण-मुक्तेश्वर महादेवाय नमः”

2 – “ॐ मंगलमूर्तये नमः।”

3 –  “ॐ गं ऋणहर्तायै नमः।”

Reciting any one of these incantations 108 times on a rosary will enable you to get rid of your debts in the minimum time frame possible.

hand logo You should give a loan either on a full Moon night or on a Tuesday. If asking for a loan, ask for it on a Wednesday.

hand logo Never take a loan on a Tuesday but ensure that your first installment of repayment goes out on a Tuesday. The repayment shall be over shortly.

hand logo For riddance from debts the ‘Rinmochan Mangal Strota’ should be recited.

hand logo Donate ‘Red Masoor Lentils’ for freedom from debts.

hand logo Always keep the North-east corner of your home neat and clean.

hand logo Every Wednesday of the waning Moon fortnight, recite the ‘Rinharta Ganesh Strota’.

hand logo On a Wednesday feeding a cow with 312.5 gms of ‘ghee’ [pure ,clarified butter] and sugar boiled together gives early riddance from debts.

hand logo Bury in the ground, an earthen lamp filled with mustard oil and covered with another earthen lamp as a lid on a Saturday at sunset time will make you debt-free.

hand logo On the entrance doorway frame hang an energized / sanctified horse –shoe of a black horse, on a Saturday …..

hand logo For 7 Mondays ,tie up 5 rose flowers,1 silver foil, some rice grains and Jaggery [Gur] in a white cloth and drain [immerse] it in flowing water…….

hand logo Adorning the “Sarv-Siddhi-Beesa-Yantra” helps in getting freedom from debts…

hand logo On a Tuesday offer ‘Masoor “lentils on a Shivling in a Shiva Temple and all the while recite “OM RIN-MUKTESHWAR MAHADEVAY NAMAH”…..

hand logo Apply a vermillion mark on your forehead and offer Vermillion and Oil to the feet of Lord Hanuman every Tuesday and Saturday……..also recite the “Hanuman Chalisa” or “Bajrang Baan”.

hand logo anging a mural or painting of Lord Krishna playing a flute , standing next to a cow in your home / office prevents any accumulation of debts and also helps reducing the possibilities of any money given on loan to be converted to a bad debt or becoming an unrecoverable amount.

hand logo Praying to Goddess Lakshmi and two “Hakik” Stones [charmed stones] in the worship-place at home and then burying those two stones in the ground inside the house and requesting the Almighty to help rid off the debts will surely have a positive result.

hand logo Consuming Jaggery with meals and either wearing a red colored garment or keeping a red handkerchief will help a person in getting rid of debts.

hand logo In the morning after the daily chores and bath, before having anything to eat……if a person feeds green fodder to a cow, it will help in getting rid of debts.

hand logo person who is plagued with debts should establish a ‘Crystal Sri Yantra’ in the safe-box along with a ‘Mangal Pyramid’ [Pyramid of Auspiciousness] and offer incense and ‘Jyoti’ [Earthen Lamp with a lighted wick]……….very soon he shall be rid of his debts.

Friends this site is absolutely free .if you are in any way being benefitted by the contents of this site or you have found the contents and what is being offered on this site as useful then as a token of your appreciation we request you to kindly visit this site as many times as possible and also ask your friends and relatives to do so and benefit from the remedies,tips and advise that is offered ..THANK YOU !!

Pandit Ji
Pandit Ji
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