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Love Feng Shui Tips

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Every person desires that his inter-personal relations in the family or matrimonial relations to be always sweet and harmonious. His house-hold should be full of happiness, love, peace and a joyful atmosphere to pervade. To ensure ever-lasting happiness and harmony in relations we are giving some valuable but easy to implement Feng Shui tips which shall be very helpful in strengthening inter relations and maintaining peace and harmony in the family and relation.

1. It is believed in Feng Shui, that all around us there is a never ending energy field drawn from an unlimited source of energy. This energy is both positive as well as negative .These energy vibes affect each and every aspect of our lives. Our matrimonial relations are no exception. Feng Shui helps in diminishing / negating negative energy and replacing it with positive energy.

2. According to Feng Shui, the south-west portion of a house is considered active for inter-personal relations..Any remedial action to activate positive energy and negate negative energy will be most effective.

3. Never place the bed under a window as this will give rise to tension between the couple and a feeling of non-cooperation will always simmer. To overcome this problem always ensures that there is a curtain between the head rest of the bed and the window. This way negative energy will not be able to affect your relationship.

4. Avoid using objects which depict separation. A beam in the ceiling or sleeping on two separate mattresses over a period of time starts to reflect by developing distance between couples. As far as possible a couple should try and sleep on a single mattress.

5. A newly wedded couple should always sleep on a brand new bed and should avoid using bed-sheets which are frayed or have holes in them. Always sleep on a clean bed./ bed-sheet.

6. Every couple should ensure that there should be no clutter under the bed. It should be always kept clutter-free, dirt-free. This will ensure flow of positive energy without any obstruction all around the bed.

7.It is advised that the bed should never be placed alongside the wall of the entrance to the bedroom. This creates bitterness in relations between the couples. Also the bed should not be placed against a wall behind which there is a wash-room / toilet. If it cannot be avoided then please ensure that the wash-room door is always closed shut or at least there should be a curtain on the door.

8.A mirror should never be placed in a manner in a bedroom where the reflection of the bed is reflected in the mirror. This tends to create distance and cracks in matrimonial relations. It also gives rise to sleeplessness and body-aches. If this cannot be avoided, make sure you cover the mirror with a cloth during night-time.

9.Nowadays it has become a kind of a trend to place television sets, computers, and refrigerators in the bedroom. This should always be avoided because the radiations emitting are harmful to the body and produce health complications. If due to lack of space this arrangement cannot be avoided, these items should be covered when not in use.

10.The effect and influence of colors over relations is very profound. The walls of the house should always be in light shades of pink, blue, grey, or yellow. These colors / shades provide serenity and are also considered promoters and stimulants for affection and love..

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Love Feng Shui Tips

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Love Feng Shui Tips

Love Feng Shui Tips

Fill ur matrimonial life with love,trust & cooperation by adopting these easy & user-friendly Feng Shui solutions

Love Feng Shui Tips

Love Feng Shui Tips

Friends, your desire to have peaceful and harmonious relations in the family, a long and happy married life, successful love relations……can all be fulfilled by following these simple Feng Shui solutions.

Pandit Ji
Pandit Ji
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