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Lal Kitab Tips As Per Zodiac Sign

Lal Kitab Tips As Per Zodiac Sign

Lal Kitab It is indeed true, that to be successful in life, every person resorts to all kinds of remedies, solution and suggestions and also tries to fulfill the requirements as and when advised and needed. It is equally true that in the Indian context, the importance of the “Red Book” [Lal Kitab] remains unmitigated. Indian astrology has laid a lot of importance to the Lal Kitab.
The Lal Kitab is the unanimous choice because of its simplicity and effective solutions for nearly all kinds of malefic effects which tend to disturb or create anxiety to Man.
The remedies and solutions prescribed are simple and easy to fulfill without the need for much paraphernalia, rites and rituals.Here we are giving some very effective and miraculous remedies and solution, taken from the Lal Kitab, as per the Zodiac sign of the individuals.
Every person, according to his zodiac can follow the simple solutions and derive benefit. If followed with faith and sincerity, every person can definitely partner success in life and endeavors.


Aries are advised never to take anything from any person for free; always pay a token amount. They are advised to always carry and use a red-colored piece of cloth [handkerchief] .They should always pay due respect to their elders, saints and sages, parents and teachers and all esteemed persons.
They should always endeavor to keep their characters intact and chaste and should also imbibe complete faith and reverence in the Almighty God.
They should help the needy and the poor, widows and all those who deserve help and support and seek their blessings.
They should feed a sweetened chapatti [roti] to a cow, regularly / daily.


Taurus should light a earthen lamp daily with the wick dipped in pure ghee [clarified butter]
They should always maintain cleanliness and wear fresh , clean clothes and also use perfumes and deodourants.
They should observe a fast on Fridays.
They should never purchase foot-wear in the month of January. Also should never testify falsely or back-stab, betray any one.
They should always grow a money-plant in their homes.


Gemini are advised to refrain strictly from consuming meat and liquor. Never keep an aquarium or domesticate fishes.
Always pay due respect to the females of the house and the society as a whole. Reverence to ones mother and the young girls at home and seek their wishes and blessings.
If possible, avoid using a leather belt. Donate medicines for asthmatic patients in a nursing home / hospital. Clean / Brush /Floss their teeth with alum and observe rituals to please the Sun –God.


Cancer are advised to pay due reverence and always obey the words and advise of their mother.
Take any silver item and rice grains as a token of blessing from ones mother and keep it on their person, always. Pray and offer reverence to the Goddess Bhagwati.Particpate actively, whole-heartedly and with enthusiasm in religious congregations.
Always gift a present to a bride during the ‘Kanya-Daan’ [giving away of the bride, by the bride’s father, at matrimony] …..
Never criticize any person or restrains him/her from visiting any holy, religious place. Help suffering patients by donating medicines.
Always go bare-footed while visiting any religious shrine /temple/place. Making arrangements for water-stops [free drinking water stalls], is very beneficial.


Leo are advised to have full and unflinching faith in religion. Donate walnuts and coconut at any religious place.
Always follow the righteous path and always speak the truth. Never hurt or criticize any person thru words, deeds or actions.
Always help the blind and offer them eatables. Before starting any auspicious work, begin the task by partaking sweetmeats.
Always maintain cordial and pleasant relations with relatives especially one’s brother-in-law, son-in-law and nephew and pay them due respect and affection.


Virgo are advised to bear patience, always…. never to hurt others by getting angry and speaking foul/hurting words.
They should pay reverence to goddess Durga and chant the “Durga Saptshadi” regularly.
They should also seek the wishes and blessings of the girl-children.
They should observe rituals and rites to please Lord Saturn [Shani Dev].Never keep as pet, a black / brown dog.
As far as possible and as much as possible, wear black garments and a silver ring in the finger or a silver chain around the neck.


Libra are advised to have full faith in God Almighty. Daily feed a chapatti [roti] smeared with ghee [clarified butter] to a cow and also during every meal, take out a portion of the meal for the cow and feed it to her.
Pay due respect to the parents and always marry according to their choice and wishes. Always apply a vermillion mark on the wife’s forehead and ensure no female of the house walks barefoot.
Donate kitchen items like a hot-plate, roti-making set [wooden cylinder used for flattening the dough and the board on which the dough is flattened into a round shape [stone/wooden], pliers/gripper at any religious place.
If one can, he/she should partake cow’s urine which would be very beneficial for health and commercial prosperity.


Scorpio are advised to get sweetened chapattis baked in an oven [Tandoor] and feed the poor and needy .Never take anything from anyone for free; always pay a token amount.
Never betray the trust of any person. Never cut down a ‘Peepul’ Tree or a ‘Kikar’ [acacia] tree.
Always respect your elders and maintain respectful and affectionate relations with your elder brother. Never treat an elder brother with disdain or criticize him .Partake [lick/taste] honey as the first thing in the morning on awakening. As far as possible, offer vermillion and unstitched cloth to Lord Hanuman on every Tuesdays and Saturdays.
If it is not possible on every Tuesday or every Saturday, at least on one of the Tuesday or Saturday of the month, it should be done. It will rid you of all ills and obstacles.


Saggitarius are advised to offer alms to the poor, helpless, beggars. Always maintain faith in one’s God and religion and visit places of pilgrimage and also help others in fulfilling their desire for visiting such places.
Never think or do anything to hurt the feelings of others. Always clean / blow your nose before starting any auspicious ceremony or activity.have plants with yellow flowers in your garden or flower pots.
Pay, reverence to your teachers, saints and sages and obeisance to the ‘Peepul’ Tree. This will always give peace of mind and prosperity.


Capricorn are advised to serve and feed monkeys. Feed buffaloes, crows and labourers.Alawys construct a house facing the East direction and ensure adequate illumination in the house.
No corner of the house should be dark or ill- illuminated. On occasions offer walnuts at religious places and also share the same at home with family members.
Always speak the truth and favor the truthful. Pay due respect to ladies and never desire any women other than one’s own wedded wife.


Individuals are advised never to inhabit a south facing house.
They are also advised never to have their own house constructed before the age of 48 years..
Aquarians should always wear gold jewellery and keep with them a piece of silver.
They should offer oil and liquor at the temple of Lord Bhairav, but they themselves should never partake liquor.
It would be beneficial if they keep a fast on Saturdays.


individuals are advised to have unstinted faith in their fate and as far as possible they should not take any loan or help from any one.
They should give full respect and reverence to women .They should always pay attention to and listen to the advice and suggestions of women folk in their day to day business/commercial activities.
They should have complete faith and respect for their religion and should visit holy places and religious sites and offer prayers and ablations.
They should offer reverence to their teachers and elders and seek their blessings. They should maintain a lock of hair longer than the usual hair at the top of their heads [a plait] and occasionally visit religious sites.
They should take part actively and monetarily in religious activities……..this will ensure a continuous flow of prosperity

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