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Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the Chinese version of the Indian Vastu Shastra.Feng Shui is the representation of the Chinese philosophy and is based on Taoism .Feng means ‘air’ and Shui means ‘water’ the two essential elements on which Feng Shui is based..Due to its efficacy, simplicity and accuracy, principles and practice of Feng Shui is fast gaining popularity around the world. Millions are benefitting by practicing and following the simple, yet effective tips and remedies provided in Feng Shui. We are giving here a compilation and information of some very easy to implement Feng Shui tips and products which will undoubtedly bring you fruitful results.

1. Statue of Laughing Buddha: The statue of the “Laughing Buddha” is considered very auspicious in Feng Shui and has a very special place in most of its tips. Always place the statue in the drawing room / living room in such a place that it is visible immediately on entering the room. It promotes financial gains, success and prosperity in the house. The statue of the ‘Laughing Buddha’ should never be kept in the bedroom or the dining room.

2. Wind Chimes : Wind Chimes not only provide softness and serenity to the place of work, but also have a very positive effect by the sound they produce. Representing the five natural elements as enumerated in Feng Shui, as well as the Indian Vastu Shastra, a wind chime with five rods is considered very auspicious. A wind chime suspended in the ‘Bramh Sthan ‘[North East corner] begets health and opens up avenues for new opportunities if placed in the north-west corner.

3. Three Legged Frog: A small artifact of a three – legged frog holding a coin in its mouth is considered very luck for begetting wealth. It should be so placed that it appears to be entering the house with the coin held in his mouth. It should never be placed in the kitchen or the wash-rooms / toilets.

4. Metal-Tortoise :A metal-tortoise is considered a regenerator of longevity and bringing in wealth and prosperity. It is also considered as the reincarnation of lord Vishnu [in Indian Mythology] as the ‘Kumra / Kacchap’ [{tortoise}, used as an anvil for resting the Mount Mandar for churning the ocean].It should be so placed that it seems to be entering the house. Establishing it in the house brings in good health and well-being to the inmates of the house.

5. Crystals Ball: Crystals are the generators, power-houses of energy. Placing a crystal in the east corner /side of the house, gives health benefits; in the north-west they promote harmony and love amongst the family members; placed in the west, the family is blessed with children and if in the south matrimonial relations are strengthened and harmonious.

6. Love-Birds :A picture of love-birds put up on the bedroom wall or a small statute placed in the bed-room promotes harmony and love between the husband and wife.


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Pandit Ji
Pandit Ji
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