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How To Get Success in Court Cases

If any person is trapped in Court Cases, and if doubts are there……then by sighting sancrosanct ‘Muqadma Vijayi Yantra’ ,& by some unique measures He will definitely get benefitted”…..

Tips and Remedies For Success in Court Cases

11) To get victory in court cases, take small amount of rice and threw it somewhere in court better to threw it outside that room where case is going on. But remember nobody watch you while throwing them otherwise you will not get Benefit.You have to do this without getting in knowledge of anyone.

12) If you have to go for court case or any other important work. Take a paper lemon put clove in each of its four corner and pray to God for success. Put it in your pocket nad then go for that work…..You will get success in every work that day.

13. Take a leaf of the Birch Tree [Bhoj Patra]and write the name of your adversary with red sandal paste on it…………..dip this leaf with the name written in honey……a change of heart will develop in your adversary and he will become sympathetic towards you.

14. Before sunrise take 11 grains of black rice and recite the root mantra of ‘KREEM’ 21 times and throw the black rice in the southern direction….your adversary will start having a change of heart.

15. If you feel and know that you are innocent and have been framed..then at the time of going to the court, make a paste of the red flower of the Oleander tree [ Kaner] and apply the mark on your forehead.circumstances will start changing in your favor.

16. Take a fistful of sesame seeds and mix it well with sugar.. keep this mix at a secluded , quiet place and pray to the Almighty to grant you victory over your adversaries……move away from the spot without looking back…….gradually ,circumstances will turn in your favor.

17. For favorable, legal outcomes, on the day of the court hearing, whenever going to the court to attend to the litigations, chew upon 3 black pepper balls mixed with sugar on the way to the court……the proceedings shall be favorable to your interest.

18. If your lawyer / advocate is himself not sure of a positive outcome of the case he is handling on your behalf or there is an apprehension of the witness turning hostile or deposing against you, if you fear the judgment to be passed would not be in your favor then very piously, carry a pair of ‘Hattha Jodi” along with you to attend the hearing……….you will experience miraculous changes.


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Pandit Ji
Pandit Ji
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