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Tribute to our Ancestors and Forefather

Tribute to our Ancestors and Forefather

“There are many people who establish Trusts, Innards (Dhramshalas), Orphanages, Hospitals, Parks, Statues and Organise Function in the Memories of their Ancestors, it is simply not possible for everybody. Now a maiden effort is being made for the first time in the world to enable everybody to spread fame and name of their ancestors.”

Friends,This is a site for the first time in the world is established, where you can eternally keep memories of their ancestor’s, relative’s, ideal’s, friend’s, who have been separated form you for any un-natural/natural reasons.!

You can create their profile which may include photographs, videos and all other information,. You will have the right to put banners, backgrounds and music of your choice, You also can put, designer, Photo frame and Garland in photographs of the past soul as per your liking.

You and visitors both can devote flowers, bouquet, garland, etc. and lit lamps on the memorials of your ancestors. Each profile page has the information of the major religious pilgrimages of their religion . There is a strip running in every profile page in which a prayer of God for peace, happiness and success is dedicated to departed soul, user and visitor too.

Every profile page will have a MEMORY CLOCK which will provide information regarding the date, day and year of which the passed soul departed.

Profile page will also contains generation tree which be constructed/updated by user. Visitor cannot update anything in this page but can give his suggestions, describe relationship, identification in suggestion page. If more than one relative will have the same information , profile page will indicate the matching link. May be the tree could be of your generations. There is a guest space in every profile page and smarak where a visitor can write his views .There is a counter in this site which will indicte how many visitors visit this site per day.

Friends if you feel that you have any obligation towards your ancestors and wish to immortalize their memories…..visit www.memorymuseum …it is the perfect site to enshrine such desires.

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Pandit Ji
Pandit Ji
MemoryMuseum is one of the oldest and trusted sources to get devotional information in India. You can also find various tools to stay connected with Indian culture and traditions like Ram Shalaka, Panchang, Swapnphal, and Ayurveda.


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