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Tips And Home Remedies for Piles/Bawaseer

Tips And Home Remedies for Piles/Bawaseer

Piles is due to the inflammation of the veins in and around the anal passage. There are two types of piles – Hemorrhage Piles [Blood Stained] and the other is due to excess fat; In the bloody type ,red mole like growths appear in the anal passage and blood oozes out from them, while in piles caused due to excess fat ,black mole like growths appear and they can cause eczema ,excessive growths can cause pain and swelling. It is very painful and makes even sitting impossible in many cases; it is largely due to unscheduled and excess eating habits. We are giving below some home remedies which can provide some relief from the pain.

*Burn the jute covering of a fresh coconut and store the ash in a jar ; then before every meal [thrice a day] -breakfast ,lunch ,dinner�take 3 gms of this ash and mix it with half a cup of buttermilk or curd and consume it � do not have anything to eat / drink for the next two hours ;the first dose �in the morning ,before breakfast should be had on an empty stomach. The only point to remember is that the curd/ buttermilk should be fresh and not sour. This is quite an effective remedy and even chronic piles can be treated. It also should be remembered that you have light meals that particular day when you are having this medication and also without salt and also do not repeat this remedy very often or in lesser time period.

* take a ripe banana and split it into two halves [length wise] � keep a piece of camphor between the two slit pieces and keep it overnight under the open sky ; the next day morning after relieving yourself from the washroom ,eat this banana – this remedy has been successful in treating very chronic cases of piles. Continue with this remedy for a week and surely you will see its benefits.

*For the bleeding type of piles ,slice a lemon into two halves and sprinkle 4-5 grams of catechu [kattha] powder; keep the two halves on the terrace overnight to dry ; next day morning after getting over from the regular natural calls suck the juice of the two lemon halves .Do this regularly for 5 days ;you shall experience great relief.

*Take 2 litres of butter milk and add 50gms of rock salt ; have this butter milk every time you have the urge to drink water; within 4-5 days you shall notice great relief and the number of moles also shall be reduced.

*Small �peepli� powder taken with a bit of honey also gives relief.

*The fruit of the Neem tree [nimbola] taken with the skin intact, around 10 gms quantity taken with water regularly in the morning provides much relief. But remember to include lots of ghee [clarified butter] with your diet when carrying out this remedy..

*roast some Cumin seeds [jeera] and make a fine powder; applying this powder on the moles also helps reduce their pain and quantity. Having roasted jeera [cumin seeds] with sugar candy [mishri] is also very beneficial.

*having gooseberry powder daily with honey , twice a day also helps reduce moles and gives relief to patients of piles.

*Applying Neem oil on the moles and also consuming 4-5 drops of it daily provides relief from pain and alleviates the pain. *Having one teaspoon of black sesame seeds with fresh butter provides much relief in piles.

*Roast till burnt 50 gms of green cardamom ;after it cools down grind it to a fine powder ;everyday in the morning ,on an empty stomach have a pinch of this powder with water � provides great relief.

*Having jaggery [gur] with �harad� everyday is very beneficial for the treatment of piles.

* Naagkesh, Sugar candy [mishri] and fresh butter mix helps a lot in the treatment of piles if had regularly together.

*Having yam without any spices also is beneficial in the treatment of piles.

*Having radish on an empty stomach everyday in the morning helps a lot in the treatment of piles.

*If suffering from piles, try to have maximum amount of liquids in your diet.

*When passing stool and are in the sitting position, shift and adjust your body weight on the left leg � it shall prevent piles in future.

*Apply mustard oil on the moles at least twice a day and also while taking a bath apply mustard oil with your fingers on the affected parts ;within 4-5 days the moles shall start drying up and very soon you shall have relief.

*1 gram of black sesame seeds mixed with 1 gram of fresh butter if had regularly provides much relief from piles.

*Consuming 15 Gms of onion juice with 15 grams of sugar for 7 days provides much relief in piles.

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Pandit Ji
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