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Navgarh Shanti Yantra

For attaining Love , Peace and Togetherness at home

Nav Grah Mantra

मन्त्र — ऊँ ब्रह्मा मुरारि स्त्रिपुरान्तकारी भानु : शशी भूमिसुतो: बुधश्च ।

गुरुशच शुक्र : शनि : राहू केतव : सर्वे ग्रहा : शांति करा :भवन्तु ।।

The Living world and the beings, including us humans, on this planet are directly or indirectly influenced by the Sun and its planetary branches. Our lives are in constant influence or partial influence of one of the nine planets, affecting the different phases of our lives. Their influences are sometimes favorable and sometimes adverse.These planetary combinations have an undisputable effect on our personal, emotional and professional relations and also on the success and failure associated with these life statuses. It can be stated without any doubt that if all planetary combinations were to turn in our favor, there would no such thing as failure, there would be success in all spheres of life, and this is undeniable. The sanctified, “Navgraha Yantra”[Nine-Planet Yantra] has the power to give joy, love and happiness in all family relations and no untoward ,disturbing episode or obstacles shall ever bring discord in the married life. This is definitely possible by offering ritual obeisance daily, to the sanctified” “Navgraha Yantra”.

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Pandit Ji
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