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Remedies For Love,Happiness,Peaceful Married Life

Nav Grah Yantra

For Attaining Love, Peace and Togetherness at Home

Note : These Proven Yantra have been established for the welfare of all beings, If you have any doubt in your mind, Or you do not believe in these devices, than you close this page, But do not ridicule and disrespect these Blest Yantra.

Friends…Marriage is a bond, a sacred agreement, entered by a man and a woman, who thru mutual trust form an alliance, taking their feelings, religion and society into the alliance as witness and vow to be a part of each other in happiness as well as in sorrow .Any discord in this sacred agreement is not only painful and distressing for the two people involved but also extends to their families and loved ones.

Everyone wishes to have a pleasant, joyful and a successful married life. They all wish for sweet and fruitful relations not only between themselves but the joy to percolate down to their families also, for all times,,,, but the hectic pace of today’s existence ,and the race for one-upmanship is driving people not only further away from one another but is also creating a rift between families and its members.

The people today are driven more by their egos ,rather than their feelings and emotions ; as such aged parents and other senior family members are not being accorded due respect ……because of which there is disharmony in the houses. It is true that one cannot have mental peace and satisfaction till the time the house is in order.

The disharmony and discord at the home front gets reflected in the daily life and the person shall always be bereft of bliss and satisfaction. In our traditions and culture there are certain remedies and rules which if followed can definitely bring about a positive change and everlasting happiness in the married life and also extend further to the family members as well. 

1- For a blissful, married life follow a simple procedure…….after marriage ,just before, the time of “Vidaai”[departure of the girl to her husband’s house],fill a yellow metal [gold , etc] tumbler with’ Gangajal’ [water of the holy river ,Ganga] and mix yellow turmeric powder in the water. Place a copper coin in this yellow, turmeric mixed water and encircle it seven times over the brides head and spill the contents of the tumbler in her path, in front. Happiness and peaceful existence shall be company to the couple forever. 

2. For everlasting love and affection from in-laws, the bride, four days prior to her wedding should take 7 raw turmeric [haldi] pieces [uncut roots], 3 copper coins, some saffron [kesar], Jaggery [Gur] yellow gram lentils [Chana dal]and tie them all in a yellow cloth……she should toss this bundle in the direction of her in-laws home and shall beget everlasting affection and love from her husband and in-laws.

3- Before entering her husband’s house after leaving her parents house, without any ones knowledge, if the bride spills ‘Urad Daal” [a kind of pulse] mixed with ‘Mehandi’ [Henna],her married life would be full of joy and she will enjoy very cordial and happy relations with her in-law’s and other family members.

4- Wipe the floor with salt water daily or at least once a week.

5-Wearing either gold or simply yellow colored bangles [a pair] , is supposed to bring peace and harmony into the married life and happiness in the house-hold.

6-As far as possible ,if one can avoid, clipping nails , having a hair cut or a shave on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays…… addition on Thursdays and Saturdays avoid washing clothes at home, do not wash your head or apply hair oil…….is said to be quite useful for a blissful married life and life in general.

7- During breakfast, if the man takes milk mixed with ‘Kesar’ [Saffron] served to him by his wife or mother and keeps a strand of Saffron on his tongue-tip with sugar, before leaving the house……… success and prosperity along with peace, shall be his everlasting companions.

8- If there is perennial discord and disharmony amongst family member….,along with wheat mix some black grams [100gms] and get the mixture grounded to flour or purchase such ready-mix flour, on a Saturday ……very soon the discord will subside and peace and harmony shall prevail. 

9-Whenever sweetmeats or fruits are brought in the house, very firstly, they should be offered to the Gods……..after that to the elders and the children and only after that should the husband and wife take for themselves. This is a very magical remedy…actually the blessings of the elders and the joy of the children make the whole ambience of the house joyful and such houses shall never be bereft of happiness and prosperity. 

10- By keeping eleven [11] “Gomti Chakra” with red vermillion in a vermillion-box, all disputes and differences between the husband and wife shall be sorted out gradually.

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