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Remedies For Love and Happiness


11- To sustain happiness and cooperation in the married life, offer prayers to the Banana Tree and the Peepul Tree…….. on Thursdays, offer water to the roots of both the trees and light a mud-lamp filled with pure ‘ghee’ [clarified butter] and on Saturdays, light a mud-lamp at the base of the Peepul Tree filled with mustard oil and offer sweet water to the tree . 

12- To ensure happiness and never – ending love between the husband and the wife ,the wife should have a helping from the husbands plate after he has finished eating but should ensure that the she never gives anything already eaten from her plate to him. If not daily then at least once a week this should be done to keep the fire of love between them alighted and also will keep a check on the husbands’ attraction to other woman.

13- If the woman of the house, on awakening in the morning and after opening the main door, the very first thing she should do is chant the name of her deity and pray to him for the welfare of the house and its residents and sweep the main entrance with a tumbler of water, then she will always have very blissful relations with her husband and warm interrelation amongst all family members the financial condition of the house shall always be strong. 

14- To resolve daily disputes and arguments and riff-raff between husband and wife, then at bedtime, in the bedroom the husband should keep a small pouch of red vermillion under his pillow……..the wife should keep a camphor tablet under her pillow. In the morning the husband should spill half the vermillion anywhere in the house and the wife should burn the camphor tablet outside the house. This can be done in the moonlit fortnight also known as the ‘shukla-paksh’ starting on a Monday and ending on a Sunday, regularly for seven days…..and if possible continue doing it as a daily ritual .If it is not possible to do it daily then at least every Monday and Tuesday this ritual should be done. All differences and turmoil shall end soon.

15-To sustain love in the married life, the wife should observe a ‘Silence-Fast ’[maun- vrat] on a Wednesday .On Friday, she should prepare sago-pudding in milk sweetened with sugar candy [mishri] and serve to all members of the house along with her husband. On the same day i.e. Friday , she should make charitable offerings and distribution of perfumes [itars] and should also keep fragrant itars / perfumes in her room………….love will definitely reach a new high in their lives.

16- To ensure the husbands long life, the wife should make charitable donations of red vermillion, perfume [itar] , ‘chana daal’ [ gram-pulses],and saffron.

17- To sustain ever-lasting love between husband and wife, they should ensure that on days of fasting, full- moon nights, moonless nights, the 11th day [Ekadashi] of the month as per the Hindu calendar and as far as possible during day-time they should not engage in intimate activities and control their feelings…… by doing so no ill-differences or discord shall creep in their relationship and they shall always be blessed by the almighty god. 

18-If the lady of the house, with a pure heart respects and offers due respect to her in-laws and other family members in her husband’s house, she will always have a happy and joyous married life. The house shall never have financial difficulties and the most importantly, the mother and father of the lady also shall be blessed and their family too will never face any unwanted situations and problems. This is a very unique and tested remedy. 
19. To put an end to differences between husband and wife eating a micro gram of the ‘Khumi’ flower dipped in honey…by the couple….shall definitely create a harmonious relation between the couple.

20.If the husband gets angry at the slightest provocation or without any reason it is advised that the wife should ,…..within the fortnight of the waning moon, the first Sunday ,Monday, Thursday or Friday [any one day],take a chunk of jaggery,two coins of silver and copper , a fistful of salt, and a fistful of wheat and tie them all up in a fresh ,new, white cloth and hide this bundle somewhere inside the house………very soon she will observe a change in the husbands behavior and his anger would be considerably reduced.

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