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Remedies For Success in Bussiness According to Zodiac Sign

Remedies For Success in Bussiness According to Zodiac Sign

Friends you have the feeling that you are not getting the success that is due to you despite your best efforts and sincerity at the workplace or in your commercial ventures? If you do and are interested in changing this phase forever, and claim unbounded success in your workplace/business then please go through the below given tips ,based on individual zodiac signs. If you follow these tips with full faith and reverence, be assured that you will have unprecedented success in your efforts and endeavors.

1. ARIES : Aries are advised to take 1kg.250 gms, “Masoor “lentil and tie it up in a bundle of red-cloth. Keep this at the work-place .Gradually, all obstacles will be removed and prosperity shall be bestowed.

2. TAURUS : They are advised to keep a pot / bottle filled with the pure water of the Holy River Ganges or any other holy river. Cover this container with a white cloth and keep it in their homes, office or work-place. Very soon your efforts will start showing positive results.

3. GEMINI : Gemini individuals are advised to keep a brass utensil covered in a green cloth at their work-place in the East corner..unprecedented success will follow.

4. CANCER : Cancer individuals are advised to take a silver coin and keep it in a container [box / utensil] ;fill the container with water with the coin inside..keep this container with the coin dipped in water in the East corner of your home / work-place.. all efforts shall start bearing fruits.

5. LEO : Keeping a container filled with sea-salt in the east corner of your house / work place will beget success in all your endeavors. 6. VIRGO :Individuals are advised to keep camphor dipped in water, in a small box / utensil at their work-place / homes in the east corner … business will start blooming.

7. LIBRA : Libra are advised to keep a white statue in their homes / workplace……the statue should always be kept neat and clean and regular cleaning should be ensured…good news will start pouring in from all corners.

8. SCORPIO :For excellent growth and gains, scorpions are advised to keep a fresh, clean bottle of honey wrapped in red-cloth in the southern corner of the house/workplace.

9. SAGITARIUS : Sagitarius for desired success and gains , keep a religious book wrapped in yellow cloth in the eastern corner, of the work-place / home.

10. CAPRICORN : keeping a coconut tied with a black thread and some black sesame seeds [Til] ,dipped in coconut oil in the eastern corner of the work-place / home will give desired success and results.

11. AQUARIUS : Aquarius are advised to take two dry coconuts……..fill them with any food-grain [basmati rice is the best and preferred option]…..donate one of the coconuts to a sage along with some monetary donation and keep the other coconut at the work-place/home in the worship-place or the safe –vault…….all works shall be expedited.

12.PISCES :Individuals are advised to take 21 coins [coins of any denomination] and tie them up in a piece of yellow cloth and keep them in the North-East corner of your home / work-place, excellent gains in matters of wealth and prosperity.

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Pandit Ji
Pandit Ji
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