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According to the Hindu almanac, the 30th of any month and the last date of the’ Krishna Paksh’ [dark phase of lunar fortnight] is ‘AMAVASYA’ i.e. the Moon is not visible on these nights – the nights are pitch dark – Astrology and Tantra are deeply connected with this day – Tantra practitioners believe, that any remedy performed on this day, has very strong and effective results and moreover the results are seen much faster, than, on normal days .

It may be ‘Pitra Dosh’ or any other, malefic effect of a planet ,there is a remedy for each , to be specifically performed, on an ‘Amavasya.’ It has remedies to rid a person of any economical, personal or mental hardships /problems – just by following a few simple tips.

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To rid any house of chaos, mental tension and misery – thoroughly clean each nook and corner of the house – throw away the waste and get rid of any useless items, in the house – light a lamp and place it in the place of worship and the Tulsi [Basil] plant in the house.

For wealth benefits ,hoist a yellow ,triangular flag atop a Lord Vishnu temple – is such a way that it continuously flutters – you shall have amazing wealth benefits – but it should be kept in mind that the flag should be permanently placed – if need be ,it should be changed from time to time.

Remedies for Amavasya, AMAZING TIPS FOR AMAVASYA,

* Never pluck, Tulsi leaves [Basil] or the leaves of the ‘Bail Tree’ [Wood- apple tree] on Amavasya – if they have to be offered on the deity, ensure that you pluck them a day before.

* Pouring a spoon of milk in a deep hole /depression in the earth, rids a person of hurdles, stopping his progress and every day wok. Also if barley is washed in milk and flown down in a moving stream / river, then fate will always favor you.

* To subdue the ill-effects of Saturn [Shani Dev] – every Amavasya ,offer mustard oil ,black ‘urad dal’ [black pulses],an iron piece ,black cloth , and a blue flower to the deity and chant the Vedic mantra of Lord Saturn – 101 times – “OM NILANJANSAMABHAS RAVIPUTRA YAMAGRAJAM . CHAYAMARTANDSAMBHUT NAMAMI SANESHCHARAM” –

This shall subdue the anger and malefic effects of Saturn and also, other planets .
Lighting a mustard oil lamp, underneath a ‘Peepal Tree’ every Amavasya ,pleases the ancestors and the gods.

* Every Amavasya, offer five different kinds of fruits to a cow – the atmosphere at home shall always remain auspicious and happy.

* Feeding wheat flour balls, to the fishes on Amavasya, bestow upon a person, his ancestors blessings and the blessings of the gods – issues / obstructions pertaining to incoming wealth, are also nullified.

* If there is a person who is chronically ill – wake up before sunrise, and after finishing the call of nature and having a bath – pull a strand of thread from any clothing, worn by the patient – with some additional cotton , make a wick of this strand of thread and cotton and dip it in a lamp filled with mustard oil – light this lamp and place it in front of an idol of Lord Hanuman and chant the ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ –

There shall be a marked improvement in the health of the patient – ensure that this entire process is carried on for 7 Tuesdays and Saturdays, continuously.

* Take a fresh lemon and cut it into four halves – throw each half in each direction – i.e four halves in four direction –issues pertaining to unemployment shall be finished – please ensure, that you stand on a crossroad with four directions and also it has to be done secretly.

* On the Amavasya night , take 8 almonds and 8 ‘kaajal’ [kohl] boxes, tie them in a black cloth – and keep them in a box filled with red vermillion powder – very soon ,you shall be rid of financial problems.

* The following activities / expressions have been prohibited on Amavasya – anger, violence, immoral acts, consuming non-vegetarian food and alcoholic drinks, physical relation and sex, masturbation etc. For a stable success path, one should stay away from these activities on the Amavasya day.

* For the contentment / satisfaction of the ancestors, special prayers and means should be followed on Amavasya – only when our ancestors are happy, shall we receive the blessings of the other gods and goddesses – if they remain unsatisfied, despite our best efforts, success will elude us.

* Feed a Brahmin on Amavasya. This shall keep the ancestors happy – obstacles shall be removed and there shall be no dearth of prosperity – and the house-hold shall be immune to the ‘evil-eye’ and other forms of black magic.

* For gaining the blessings of the ancestors and getting freedom from the malefic effects of ‘pitr-dosh’ – pouring water ,milk, gangajal ,black sesame seeds ,sugar, rice all mixed together , in the roots of a ‘Peepal tree’, and offer flowers and the sacred thread ,chanting ;”OM NAMO BHAGWATEY VASUDEVAYE NAMAH” and circumbulating the tree, seven times .

Shall gain forgiveness for his faults and crimes ; if it happens to be the “Somvati Amavasya” – circumbulating the Peepal tree, 108 times shall have special benefits.

* The ancestors should be offered water on ever Amavasya – the right way of offering water is – In a copper vessel, water, mixed with gangajal , raw milk ,sesame seeds , barley ,Tulsi leaves, a grass blade , honey and a white flower – should be offered – facing the south direction ,
calling out – TAPRAANTAYAMI , TAPRAANTAYAMI , TAPRAANTAYAMI – thrice – the water should be poured out along the side of the thumb in to a vessel below – this does provide contentment to the ancestors – Remember to pour the collected water into some plant – do not throw this water any where in the house or outside – it should only be poured in to the roots of a plant.

* According to the ‘Shastras’, the ancestors visit their homes, every Amavasya – so every person should donate to charity – as much as he can afford. Keeping a meal under a ‘Babool Tree’ [Acacia Tree] in the name of the ancestors also pleases them.

* Ancestors have a special liking for ‘Kheer’ – [sweet porridge of rice and milk] – every Amavasya, preparing kheer and offering it to a Brahmin with his meals begets one of a thousand virtues. In the evenings, keeping a small portion of the ‘kheer under the ‘Peepal tree’, in the evening, helps in removing instability, from one’s life.

* To avoid sudden mishaps and tame the enemies, can be fulfilled, by feeding a black dog, a chapatti smeared with mustard oil.

* Install a Horse Shoe [of a black horse] on the top of the main door, on Amavasya; the open end should face the ceiling or above/up, if it is in your house; if, it is at the workplace, then the open end should face the floor or below/down – this saves one from the ‘evil-eye’ and stability of finances and happiness is ensured.

* On Amavasya never start a, fresh business, journey, transaction, or any auspicious work.

* As a rule, amavasya has its own importance but if it happens to be a Monday or a Saturday – the significance is all the more highlighted. The “Mauni Amavasya” [Mute Amavasya] and the “Sarvpitr Amavasya [dedicated to ancestors]” are extraordinarily significant Amavasya.

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