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How To Get An Offspring

Tips/Remedies To Get An Offspring

11. During the ‘Uttar Phalguni Nakshatra” [which can be ascertained from the almanac] keeping the roots of a “neem” tree with oneself blesses the couple with a child.

12.Roots of the lemon tree….grounded and mixed with pure ghee [clarified butter] and consumed with milk begets a women with a male child. 13. On the 7th day of the waning moon fortnight during the MAGH month [11th month as per lunar/ hindu calendar] the lady should observe “Sheetla Shahshti”fast.In local customs it is also known as “BASIYORA”.On this day ,early morning after completing the natural chores ,having cleansed and taken a bath,prayers are offered to Maa Sheetla Devi as per the customised rites and rituals.Food that has been kept overnight [stale] is offered as a special offering and also consumed by the lady observing the fast.This is said to bear fruitful results for couples desirous of a child.

14. To beget a male child , a women should always sleep to the left of her husband because during sleeping posture ,while on left side the rightside circulation system is active and when sleeping on the right side the body’s left circulation is activated.It is only when the right circulation of the male and the left circulation of the female is active should they engage in inter-course.If impregnated during this intercourse it is sure to beget a male child.To know which side of circulation is active,it can be checked by the flow of air which one can feel thru the nostrils by placing a finger on each one of them.

15. To beget a female child the women should always sleep on the right hand side of her husband in which case the women’s right side circulation will be activated and the husbands left side circulation will be active.In such a position if impregnated the women shall bear a female child.

16.In the ancient scripture ‘Sarvyodaya”it is mentioned that when the right side circulation of a women is active she shall beget a male child and when her left side is active she shall bear a male child.

17.Engaging in sexual intercourse during the first four days of the menstrual cycle,the male is prone to several diseases.

18.Certain days of the Hindu Calendar also forbid conjugal relations.They are the eight[ashtami],eleventh [ekadashi], Thirteenth [treyodashi] ,Fourteenth [Chaturdashi] ,Full Moon night [Poornima] and Moonless night [Amavasya]

19. Engaging in conjugal sex a couple desirous of a child should bear in mind the 8th, 10th and 12th day of the menstrual cycle as most favourable for conceiving.


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