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Tips And Home Remedies for Improve Eyesight

Remedies for Improve Eyesight

Eyesight Our eyes are the means to see and enjoy the beauty created by God. To maintain their quality with advancing age it is very important that we take proper care, because with advancing age the muscles around the eyes start growing weak and our vision gets distorted / blurred. A lot depends on our daily diet and nutrition and also the life style that we lead.

Here we shall elaborate on some tips to nurture the eyes and improve eye-sight;-

*On awakening in the morning fill a mouthful of water and then sprinkle cold fresh water on the face with the eyes open.

*Early in the morning, on an empty stomach mix half a spoon of fresh butter, half a spoon of sugar candy [mishri] ,5 powdered black pepper and then chew a few pieces of raw coconut and then over that some Fennel seeds[ ‘saunf’] – do not have anything to eat after this for at least two hours – follow this routine for 2-3 months ,you will notice the difference.

* avoid using hair dye or colors for the hair.

* Soak Triphala powder overnight in an earthen pot – use this water in the morning to wash your eyes – it will not only improve your eye-sight but will also help in fighting any kind of eye infection.

* Early in the morning, before sunrise, it is advised to walk bare feet on moist [dew-drops] grass; it helps in reducing the stress on the eyes and also improves the eye-sight.

* Regularly massage the soles of the feet with mustard oil , 10 minutes before having a bath, massage the toes of the feet – it prolongs the sight and power of vision.

* One should consume spinach, cabbage, green vegetables and yellow fruits; loaded with Vitamin A ,E and C they help in keeping the eyes healthy; apart from having papaya and orange helps us in a clear vision even in bright lights.

*Chew 1-2 carrots everyday –they are very helpful for the improvement of eye-sight and vision. You may also have carrot juice, but after half an hour after your meals.

*Have grapes regularly, having grape juice also increases our capacity to see in dim lights /night-time.

*Making and applying mascara [kajal] of two walnuts and 3 “harad”” seed after roasting them and mixing them with 4 black pepper, improves the eye-sight.

*10 Gms of cardamoms [small variety] and 20 grams of Fennel Seeds [ ‘saunf]’ –powder them finely and have a pinch with milk helps in improving the eye-sight.

*Take 5-6 leaves of pomegranate and consume twice a day – helps and improves eye strain and vision.

*Clean well 300 gms of Fennel seeds [‘saunf]’ and then keep it in a clean container ; pour the juice of carrot and almonds on this cleaned Anise[‘saunf] and leave it to dry – before going to sleep have a pinch with milk ; this helps in improving the eye sight.

*wash dry gooseberries well and then soak them in water ; with the help of a cotton swab, put 2 drops in each eye ; also try to have as much gooseberry as you can in your diet.

*Take a spoonful of Triphala powder, a teaspoon of honey and two spoonful of ghee made from cow’s milk – mix them well and have a spoonful with a glass of warm / hot milk – before going to sleep at night. This will improve the vision power and any ailment related to the eyes. Be careful, that the quantity of honey and Milk are never equal.

*One teaspoon of liquorices [mulethi] powder ,one teaspoon of honey and half a spoon of pure ghee [clarified butter] – mix it well in a glass of hot /warm milk and have it twice a day – within 3 months you will find a noticeable difference in your vision.

*Every day with your meals have around 50 – 100 gms of finely chopped cabbage, sprinkled with rock salt and black pepper.

*For the eyes to remain healthy it is very important that they get the required amount of rest ; lack of sleep will start showing as black circles around the eyes and will also affect the vision.

*When the eyes start feeling heavy, it is an indication that one should go to sleep; sleeping late in the day and staying awake late into the night is also harmful for the eyes. Gradually it starts affecting the vision also.

*One should not read while lying flat on the bed or while travelling [while in motion]; give rest to the eyes from time to time – do not look directly into the sunlight for extended periods.

*Include Onions and Garlic in your diet to improve your vision as they contain sulphur that produces Glutathione, an anti-oxidant that improves eye-sight and vision.

* Soya and its products / derivatives are rich in protein and low in fat content ;they also contain the essential fatty acids ,Vitamin E, and other essential minerals and salts that are very beneficial for the vision One should also avoid hair dyes ,colors and shampoos containing chemicals as they also have a harmful effect on the eyes.

*Watching television for long hours also affects the eyes as the radiations from the TV screen are very harmful. It is also advised that we should watch TV from the optimum distance – watching it from very near or very far adversely affects the vision.

*To get rid of spectacles, massage with walnut oil, around the eyes; this has a very beneficial effect on the eyes and very soon you can get rid of spectacles. This is a very simple, yet, a very effective remedy.

*Having a teaspoon of pure ghee [clarified butter] made of cow’s milk and ¼ spoon of black pepper powder – mix well in a cup and have it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach ; it will benefit the vision for sure.

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