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Remedies For Disease and illness

Remedies To Ward off Diseases

31. Prepare ‘Kheer’ [sweet meat of rice cooked in milk] on a full Moon night and after cooling it to room temperature offer it an ablation to Goddess Lakshmi in a temple……at the same time ….remembering your ancestors and the Moon in your heart/mind. Also feed a black dog the ‘Kheer’ offered……….Practicing this ritual for the full year on every full-moon night brings peace, harmony good health, happiness and joy to the house and its inhabitants.

32. Licking honey mixed with sandal wood powder ….,.benefits a person with ill-health.

33. If the male child of the house is not well, distribute ‘Halwa’ [a mixture of semolina /flour with sugar and condiments with water and cooked in clarified butter] to young girls and also keep a twig of the Peepul Tree under the pillow.

34. If in a house-hold ,the women-folk are not keeping good health, they should plant a Basil plant [Tulsi] in the house and take good care of it…….they should light an earthen lamp of pure ,clarified butter [Ghee] every evening……..they will have beneficial effects to their ill-health.

35. If any person has been suffering with ill-health and matters seem to be worsening…..then….on a Sunday, offer 1.25 kgs of ‘gram flour globules’ [‘Boondi-Laddoo’] in a temple along with prayers for early recovery……approx 75% of the sweet-meat should be distributed in charity in the temple itself.

36.If any member of the house has not been well and is also not responding to medication……..then beginning on a Sunday for the next three consecutive days…..encircle a tumbler filled with water along with a ball of wheat flour / water…….over the patients head……..drain the water in a plant and feed the ‘peda’ to a cow…….the patient will definitely show beneficial results within these three days…..even if the patient recovers in the second day itself…….the procedure should be done for the entire duration…as specified above.

37. Between early morning up to 1200hrs , offer water mixed with milk to a ‘Peepul Tree’ and light incense sticks and a ‘Deepak’ [earthen lamp with a wick] of mustard oil in the evening under the tree……continue this ritual for 7 days, starting any day but preferably on a Monday……..,the person will soon start showing signs of recovery……

38. Soak a fistful of black grams on a Friday night…….on Saturday evening strain them off the water and tie them up in a black cloth along with a iron nail and a piece of coal…..encircle this bundle over the patients head 7 times and throw it in a well or a pond…… this for 3 consecutive Saturdays………..the patient will get well soon…..


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Pandit Ji
Pandit Ji
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