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Success Remedies For Early Marriage

Successful Remedies For Early Marriage

11. Those aspiring for an early marriage should offer two puddings [pedas] made of wheat flour , laced with turmeric alongwith a little bit of jaggery [gur] and yellow ,gram pulses broth.[chana dal],to a cow every Thursday.

12. Offering water every Thursday to the roots of a “banyan” tree ,”peepal” tree or a “banana” plant, removes the obstacles creating hurdles in the path to matrimony.

13. All hurdles in the path of matrimony can be removed by a simple remedy……take 5 dry coconuts and keep them in front of a statue /photograph of Lord Shiva, chant the following mantra “om shri var pradaay shri namah” 5 times with a 108…[5 x 108] bead rosary……after completing the chanting offer these coconuts in a Shiv temple…….all obstacles shall be removed.

14. In order to hasten matrimonial offers ,unwedded girls desirous of an early marriage , should after completing their natural chores ,taking a bath and cleansed offer milk mixed with water on the ‘Shivling’every Monday and recite the Shiv mantra of “OM SOMESHWARAI NAMAH” 108 times with the Rudraksh rosary ; very soon possibilities of an early marriage will begin to take shape..

15. Praying to Lord Shiva and his consort Parvati daily and offering raw milk, Wood-apple leaves [bel patra],rice grains,vermillion to them paves the way for desired matrimony.

16. Taking a bath with a pinch of turmeric mixed in the bathing water and also consuming meals laced with saffaron propogates matrimonial alliance and helps in early marriage of those attaining marriageable age.

17. Those who have attained the marriageable age should always have a yellow cloth piece on their body in the form of a dress/ accessory [shirt/trouser/saree/handkerchief etc] for beneficial results.

18. For three consequtive Thursday evenings, offering water with five different types of sweet-meats,a pair of green cardamoms and lighting a pure-ghee [clarified butter] earthen lamp will undoubtedly,hasten the probabilities of an early marriage.

19. Every Thursday, offer water and light a pure ghee [clarified butter] earthen lamp at the base /roots of a banana plant … chant the 108 names of Guru Brihaspati….the search for a life partner will soon end.

20. Brihaspati [Jupiter] is considered to be the mentor [guru] of the demi-gods [ devtas] and Thursday is the day dedicated to him.Praying with offerings to guru Brihaspati on Thursdays removes obstacles delaying matrimony.

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