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Remedies For Early Marriage

Miraculous Remedies For Early Marriage

21. To please Brihaspati [ planet,Jupiter] and attain his blessings,yellow coloured items should be offered on Thursdays…… like ,turmeric ,any yellow fruit,yellow clothes,yellow flowers,bananas,yellow grams / pulses and the person desirous of an early matrimony should also observe a fast on Thursday and should consume yellow edible items and wear yellow coloured clothes.They should also recite the mantra “OM GRAM,GREEM,GROM,SAH”…..108 roasary beads x 5 times.

22. If any person has a malefic Mars [mangalik dosh] in their horoscope,they should recite the ‘chandika strota’ every Tuesday and recite the ‘Sundar Kand’ every Saturday.Obstacles are removed and pave way for a smooth marriage.

23. Offering raw milk, wood-apple leaves [bel patra], rice grains, vermillion etc to lord Shiva and Parvati every day also has beneficial results for a desired life partner.

24. For those who have crossed the marriageable age and have yet not been able to find a life partner and wish to get rid of the malefic effects in their horoscope they should boil eight [08] dry dates in water and keep the container [after it has cooled down] near their bed’s head –rest at day morning after completing their natural chores and taking bath should drain the containers contents into a flowing water source [river/rivulet etc].

25. For those facing hurdles / opposition in their love-marriage; such persons….. on the Friday of the Waning full moon fortnight [shukla paksh..when the moon wanes from a full moon to a crescent], should recite “OM LAKSHMI NARAYANAY NAMAH” mantra 3x 108 crystal [sphatik] rosary sitting in front of a statue / photograph of Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi…….starting on a Friday of the Full moon fortnight they should continue doing this for three months , offering sweets [Prasad] and praying for a successful marriage on each Friday for the next three months.

26. Thursday [Jupiter], Friday [Venus], Wednesday [Mercury] and Mondays [Moon] are considered auspicious for a wedding and the bride would lead a happy life.As per the Hindu calendar Chaturdashi [fourteenth day of the lunar month] and Naumi [ninth day of the lunar month] are not considered auspicious for weddings and should be avoided.

27. A day before the wedding write ‘BAADHAAI’ [obstacles] on a brick with charcoal and turn it upside down……..keep it in a secure place. After the wedding has been solemnized take that brick and put it in a place where there is water and also put some edibles over the brick…..the couple will lead a happy and peaceful married life. Any person from the brides/grooms family can do this ritual but utmost secrecy should be maintained.

28. For a period of one year after marriage, one should not partake in any post funeral ceremonies held over the year nor should the person undertake a pilgrimage.

29. Those males who have been unsuccessful in getting a suitable bride or are having difficulties in turning their love-affair to matrimony…………..should recite the mantra [invocation] dedicated to Lord Krishna daily 108 time…………”KLIM KRUSHNAYE GOVINDAYE GOPIJAN VALLABHAYE SWAAHAAH’.

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