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Tips and Remedies For Early Marriage

Remedies To Overcome Delayed Marriage

Notes : These Proven Yantra have been established for the welfare of all beings, If you have any doubt in your mind, Or you do not believe in these devices,than you close this page, But do not ridicule and disrespect these Blest Yantra.

1. Malefic placement of the planets in the horoscope of certain individuals berefts them of matrimonial bliss.Many a times these delays are due to extrinsic reasons and advancement in the age and lack of suitable options add to the woes of the prospect and his family members.Remedial actions are best sought in such cases and have been found to be beneficial in paving the way for a early ,trouble free matrimony and removal of all obstacles hindering such joyous occassions.

2. To facilitatae an early marriage 1200gms of yellow, Gram lentils/pulses and 1250ml [1.25 ltrs] of raw milk should be donated every Monday and this charitable donation should be continued till marriage is solemenised.

3.When participating in wedding functions , during the mehandi ceremony [applying of henna paste] to the girl who is going to be married, it is considered auspicious and a good luck charm that if the unmarried girl who has been facing difficulties in getting a suitable groom gets some henna paste applied to her hand by the girl whose weddding ceremenoies are in progress, it shall have beneficial effects and paves the way for an early marriage of the girl who is yet to find a suitable groom.

4. Make sure that underneath the bed of a marriageable boy/girl ,there should be no accumulation of scrap or iron…..

5. If prior to getting married, the boy and the girl wish to meet…..they should be seated so that they do not face the South direction……

6. If a young girl desirous of matrimony is visiting a family during the wedding of any other girl, she should get some henna paste applied to her hands by the girl who is getting married………it will pave the way for an early marriage for the young girl.

7. Any girl who has been facing difficulties in finding a suitable groom should keep a white rabbit as a pet and feed it daily as a practise.This shall have beneficial effects for her matrimonial alliance.

8. While leaving for a prospective suitors home for discussions, the could-be bride should fare them [those relatives, going for the discussions] well with sweets. She should be clad in a red dress, leaving her hair hanging loose.The discussions will be fruitful.

9. All obstacles in the path of matrimony can be neutralised by performing 108 circumbulations around a banyan tree on a full moon night.

10. On any auspicious day purchse an earthe tumbler .place a red cloth,seven black pepper corns together with a chunk of raw salt ……cover the mouth of the tumbler with a red cloth and apply seven red vermillion paste marks on the tumbler.. keep this tumbler in a clean place and chant the following mantra…5 times of a 108 bead rosary…[5 x 108].

मन्त्र—    गौरी आवे ,शिव जो ब्यावे.अमुक का विवाह तुरंत सिद्ध करेँ,
              देर ना करेँ, जो देर होए , तो शिव को त्रिशूल पड़े,
              गुरु गोरखनाथ की दुहाई फिरै ।।

The name of the girl should be repeated in place of the word “amuk” in the mantra…………After completing the chanting as prescribed ,place the tumbler in the centre of a cross road.This is a very effective remedy.


Pandit Ji
Pandit Ji
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