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Astro and Vastu Remedies For Happy Married Life



21.If the lady of the house, routinely lights a earthen lamp with Jasmine oil and recites the ‘Sundar Kaand’ every Saturday…or gets it read by a knowledgeable Brahmin…her husband and children shall be bereft of any calamity or danger. It is suggested to have the ‘Sundar Kaand ‘recited’ once, every week, if not possible then at least once a month the ‘Sundar Kaand’ should be recited in the house.

22. If a couple is having a lot of differences are there is complete disharmony in their relationship…….then…..on a Friday of the waning Moon fortnight, after the morning chores and bath, any one of them [husband or wife],should wear white clothes and prepare lightly sweetened rice and then empty it out in a big platter……mix the rice well with powdered sugar and pure clarified butter [deshi ghee] and feed it to a white cow……this should be done for 21 Fridays…..love and harmony shall prevail in the couple’s relationship.

23. Attaining a long life for the husband……on a Sunday night the wife should sprinkle some red vermillion [‘sindoor’] on the bed, on the side where the husband sleeps……then next day, on Monday morning, she should gather whatever vermillion [sindoor] she can from the bed and apply it between the hair partition on the forehead praying to Goddess Paarvati………the husband shall be bestowed with a long life.

24. If there is lack of love from the husbands side then the wife should take two energized ‘Gomti Chakras’ and write her name on one and her husband’s name on the second chakra…..she should keep these in a bag made of red colored cloth along with yellow mustard seeds and hide the bag in her personal belongings…….soon love will blossom in the husbands heart for his wife.

25.On the ninth day of the Hindu calendar month plant a white ‘Madaar’ plant. On ‘Deepawali’ day, ensure the plant is worshipped…….the plant facilitates love and affection between the couple. It is strongly suggested that a white ‘Madaar’ plant should be planted in the house and worshipped for health, wealth and prosperity.

26.The wife should plant a Basil plant [Tulsi] in the house on a raised platform /or any place higher than the floor level…….Every day in the morning she should offer water and vermillion [sindoor] to the plant and light an earthen lamp filled with pure, clarified butter [ghee] in the evening…….this will bestow the couple with everlasting fortune and matrimonial love.

27. Take two broom sticks…. and place them together in the opposite direction to each other……… tie them with a blue thread and place them in the south-west corner / area of the house…..this promotes matrimonial love .

28. Take two purple colored stones [semi-precious] and keep them dipped in Gangajal [water of the holy river, Ganges]…..every Saturday, sprinkle this water in the entire house…….love relations between the husband and wife shall grow and will remain very smooth.

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