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Tips and Remedies for Happy Married Life


As of late many a times there is discord between father and son due to various reasons and sometimes the situation gets so ugly that a rift is created in the family and separation is the next step. To avoid such ugly situations time tested remedies are being offered which can be carried and avoidable situations averted.

29. A son can gain love over his father’s anger by draining / immersing 1.25kgs of Jaggery [Gur] in flowing water……..this has to be done for three Sundays consecutively….very soon his father’s anger and dissatisfaction with him shall cease.

30. For long lasting and never-ending affection of the father….a son should offer water mixed with Jaggery and red flowers to the Sun God [Surya Devta] regularly, on a daily basis.

31. For ending constant rejection and opposition from the father……the son should gift a red-colored item to his father every Sunday…….situations will ease very soon and he shall have his father’s support and consent.

32. Putting an end to a discord between the son and father, especially when it is from the son’s side…….the father should offer sweetened water to the Peepul Tree every Saturday morning and in the evening light a earthen lamp of mustard oil under a the Tree …also offering mustard oil to roots of the tree in a unbroken stream…shall bring harmony and happiness between the father and son.

33. Also if the father gifts his son with a blue item, on a Saturday, very soon the discord shall end.

34. If the relation between the father-in-law and daughter in-law are not harmonious and the father-in –law is always vexed …..,the daughter-in-law should mix Jaggery [Gur] in water and offer it every day in the morning to the Sun God [Surya Devta]…….the relationship will turn harmonious and goodwill shall also develop.

35. If there is constant strife and bickering between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law……….then the daughter –in-law on a full moon light should prepare “Kheer’ [a sweet preparation by cooking rice n milk and adding dry fruits and other condiments]….and keep this ‘Kheer’ exposed to moonlight…….then she should offer this moonlight-soaked ‘Kheer’ to her mother-in-law………harmony shall return to their relationship.

36. To mend strained relation between brother-sisters….,.bury 1.25kgs of Jaggery [Gur] in the ground…….on a Tuesday…….relations will take a turn for the better…

These are some easy to follow yet powerful enough, tried and tested means which can be performed without much difficulty and attain happiness and bliss in the family and all relations.


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Pandit Ji
Pandit Ji
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