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Tips/Remedies For Success in Whole Life

Sarva karya Siddhi Yantra

For Attaining All-Round Success in Life

Remedies To Overcome Obstacles and Attain Success

Note : These Proven Yantra have been established for the welfare of all beings; If you have any doubt in your mind, Or you do not believe in these devices, than you close this page, But do not ridicule and disrespect these Blest Yantra.

1. To attain success and fulfillment of desires ensure that as a ritual you take the blessings of your parents and elders every morning before leaving the house and at no cost should you hurt the feelings and sentiments of your elders.

2. Ladies are considered the embodiment of the goddess. As per scriptures and moral values handed down thru ages in the family it has been taught that due respect should be extended to all the ladies of the house in particular, in fact, to all womenfolk in general. It is said that the house where the ladies are at peace, the house acts as magnet to the magnificence and all happiness and wealth that one can wish for.

3. Good deeds are always rewarded with permanent bliss and satisfaction.An unscrupulous person, filled with anger ,greed, self-love, ego, ,using power to his selfish purposes and earning thru unethical means may horde wealth and power for some time but in the longer run all the wealth and comforts so gathered will turn into a bane for him………he shall never have peace of mind ,he shall always be in a dilemma, uncertainty will rule his heart and stress will be a constant companion, he shall not have the togetherness and love of his family, his family shall always be disturbed either physically or mentally; the money earned thru fraudulent means will all be spent in medical bills and remedies .So it is always advised to ensure pious and virtuous deeds ,words and actions, to attain permanent happiness.

4. If you are facing unrelenting hardships and hurdles in achieving your goals, on any day visit the temple and offer some grains [ raw wheat or barley seeds] and with a pure heart reflect upon the almighty your desire and pray to him for its fulfillment. You will have definite success without any further delays and hurdles.

5. For an auspicious start to a day, first of all, on awakening join both your hands together with the palms facing you……reflect upon the palms for a few seconds, kiss your palms and caress your face with your hands [in a face-washing motion] and pray to the family-deity and then put your right foot down, first, and get off the bed. Immediately after that touch the feet of your parents and take their blessings and wish them a good morning and only after that start your daily chores for the day. It has been observed that such a start has benefitted innumerable persons and is strongly advised that it should be followed. It undoubtedly fills you with a sense of exuberance and confidence the whole day.

6. To attain esteem, wealth, respect and success; everyday, immediately on awakening at sunrise and after rinsing your mouth, have a small teaspoon of honey. After having completed your daily chores and taken a shower, fill a brass tumbler with water……add sugar / Jaggery, and flowers and offer this water to the Sun-God. This will definitely remove all obstacles and you shall attain success and esteem in good measures.

7. To remove hurdles and ensure smooth fulfillment of desires and endeavors, fill a vessel, made of mud , with pure honey and then keep it in a desolate , quiet place. At no time should you tell anyone of this….either before or after keeping the vessel. You shall notice that very soon success shall start coming in good measures and all hurdles shall be automatically erased.

8. If the elder / master of the house ,on a daily basis takes out a small share for the cow, the dog and a bird from his meals and feeds them …….bliss and prosperity shall become an inmate of the house.

9. Excluding Sundays, on a daily basis from Monday to Friday, every morning after taking a shower, offer pure , clean water on the “Peepal Tree”. On Saturdays, offer water mixed with Milk and Sugar / Jaggery ………on Saturday evenings, light incense sticks and a small mud lamp filled with mustard oil at the base of the tree. Speak out your wish and see it being fulfilled ,shortly.

10. To remove hurdles and obstacles disturbing your plans and blocking success , wrap a fresh coconut with its jute covering intact ,in a new ,fresh red cotton cloth…………pray to the almighty and speak out your desire to the wrapped coconut,7 times and then offer it in a flowing river [not stagnant water]……very soon all hurdles and obstacles will vanish and pave a smooth way to success.

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