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Remedies For Always Success in Life

Success in All Endeavours

11. Tying a black thread on the right wrist and also wearing a gold ring in the index finger of the right hand…..helps in building self-confidence and improves workability.

12. To control your detractors who are creating hurdles in your path or can dismantle your plans……starting Tuesdays, take a new, fresh piece of red cloth and put 100gms of ‘Masoor Daal’ [Red Lentil] ,1.25kilograms of Jaggery [Gur] ,one small brass utensil , a bottle of Jasmine Oil along with Rs.11/- and make a bundle. Touch this bundle to the feet of Lord Hanuman and speak out your wish and pray for its fulfillment……. then donate the bundle to any poor, needy person in the temple vicinity or nearby. Repeat this process for three consecutive Tuesdays and also do not express anger at anyone on these three Tuesdays………your enemies shall by themselves surrender and move out of your way.

13. To overcome financial problems, starting from the ‘Dhanteras’ evening [two evenings prior to Deepawali]… the Deepawali evening i.e. continuously for three evenings……. offer laddoos to Lord Ganesha and light a mud-lamp filled with pure ‘ghee’ [pure clarified butter] and also chant the Ganesha Strota [prayer dedicated to Lord Ganesha]….financial status will see an upward movement.

14. For all round success……….at night ,at the time of going to bed, fill a brass tumbler with water and add a spoonful of honey to it. Put a gold / silver ring in the tumbler and close the lid. Immediately on awakening the next morning , say a mental prayer to your family- deity and take the blessings of your parents and then drink this water…..only after that complete all other morning chores………Attaining success would be simpler and much easier.

15. Always keep the roof and terrace of your house clean. Water Storage Tanks should always be placed in the southwest corner [Netrtya Kon], south or the western corners of the house .All heavy items should also be kept in these corners only. The North-West , North , East and the North-East [Ishaan Kon] corners should always be empty or light….no dumping or heavy items must ever be done / placed in these corners.

16. Keeping the ‘Gomti Chakra’ with yellow vermillion in a wooden box , keeps obstacles and hurdles at bay and success comes easy in all endeavors.

17.Whenever leaving your house on an important errand , keep Rs.21/- in a secret place inside the house and mentally praying to the almighty… will surely have success in your efforts…..after which when you come back take out those Rs.21/- and donate it to the poor and needy ,without telling anyone.

18. While leaving the house, first walk four steps in the opposite direction and then turn back and go off to your work……… will definitely have success.

19. Excepting Sundays, having 2-3 Basil [Tulsi] leaves daily, will keep all obstacles at bay.

20. Early mornings offer ‘Durva’ [a kind of knotted,branching grass] to Lord Ganesha,you will have success and all obstacles coming in your works path, shall be removed.

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