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Lal Kitab Remedies For Success in Business

Remedies For Improve in Business

11.Take a piece of raw cotton thread and color / dye it with saffron. Tie this piece of dyed thread at your business place or workplace ; for office – goers it can be kept in the drawers ,in the almirah / cupboard or simply tie it with any office item / furniture and see how the business / work picks up pace.

12. On a Thursday of the waning Moon fortnight, take 12 “Gomti Chakras” [Talismans] and mark them with saffron / turmeric. Tie them up in a yellow cloth-piece. Take this bundle and tie it at the entrance of the business establishment so that the customers have to pass under it to enter the shop. See how fast the business grows leading to continued prosperity.

13. At the worship place in the business place/office it is considered very luck to place a crystal ‘Shree Yantra’ and a ‘Ekakshi ‘coconut and pray to them daily by lighting Rose incense sticks. It brings in very favorable results for tbusiness success.

14.On a Sunday fill a clean container with ‘GangaJal’ [pure water sourced from the holy river Ganges] and recite the ‘Gayatri Mantra’ 12 times and every time [12] blow into the container [as if infusing the water with the powers of the mantra]…..Now sprinkle this water over the entire business premises and in your mind keep repeating what you expect from the business….very soon you shall receive conducive news. Continue doing this for 7 Sundays.

15.Any business communication written, should be marked with a bit of Saffron /Turmeric.

16.Donate clothes and money to a trans-gender [hermaphrodite] person and in return ask for a rupee coin as a favour.Keep this coin in a box and keep it in the safe –vault .You will experience double –fold progress and prosperity over time.

17. Take the root of ‘Shwetark Mool’ [Calotropis Giganta] and wash it clean with the holy ‘Ganga Jal’ [water of the river Ganges],mark it with vermillion and offer incense and sweet smelling dhoop[kind of incense stick].On an auspicious day / time having it placed in a silver talisman tie it around your right bicep with a silver ,silken thread for astounding success in your endeavors.

18. Keeping a coconut covered with a red piece of cloth and kept in the place of worship / safe-vault and daily lighting of incense sticks and praying to it will pave way for beneficial results regarding matters of wealth and prosperity.

19. For ever-lasting prosperity , take 10 grams of Camphor [Kapoor] and equal amount of Vermillion [Red roli Powder]…burn this mixture and keep the ashes folded in red paper.Keep this in the safe-vault at your place.Every day in the morning bow down to this red bundle and touch it to your eyes and kiss it and keep it back …….continuous prosperity will follow.

20. At the time of opening the shop /business place, first of all sprinkle ‘Ganga Jal’ [holy water of the Ganges] on both sides of the entrance…….the entire day will be mirthful and enjoyable..

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